DVD Extra: Meyer and the Actors Talk Chemistry

ETOnline reported on one of the bonus features of the newly released Blu-ray Combo Pack. In this behind the scenes featurette, Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, and Max Irons talk about the chemistry between the three lead actors.

Stephenie: “It became a very easy casting process. It all kinda came down to the people who just had that chemistry with Saoirse. Jake and Max.”

Saoirse: “I was involved in the casting for the guys, which was good. It was important that we all had chemistry and worked well together. And it was one of those things where they just left the room and Andrew and I kinda looked at each other and went ‘You can’t get anyone else. It has to be these two.'”

Stephenie: “Max and Saoirse have a very physical vibe. The chemistry was just unbelievable. And he’s very expressive. He’s just able to do so much without saying a word.”

Max: “You know, Stephenie Meyer and Twilight, it’s a phenomenon unlike anything else. So when I got that phone call from my agent, I was over the moon. Working with Saoirse is a joy. It’s just something about her, you can’t define it, it’s just all there [indicating his face].”

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