Stephenie Meyer Comments on the Poor Reviews and Box Office for ‘The Host’

Stephenie Meyer Austenland

Recently at the premiere for Stephenie Meyer-produced film, Austenland, she comments on the dismal box office returns and poor reviews that The Host received.  This is the first time that we have really heard anything from anyone involved in the film about how bad it did.

“The sad thing is The Host got punished for Twilight,” says Meyer. “There was such a stigma from Twilight. And because I had done The Host, it got trashed in the reviews. We got kicked around for Twilight.”

“The reviews are not reflective of the film itself,” she adds of The Host.

Furthermore . . .

But Meyer says she has taken solace watching The Host pick up since it’s been released on iTunes.

“People are going onto iTunes and asking, ‘Why are the reviews of the movie so bad, the movie is really good,’ ” says Meyer.

I don’t think it got trashed simply because it was related to Stephenie Meyer and Twilight.  If it was an outstanding film, critics would have to give the whole production the credit it deserved.  To each his own.  I am sure this is not deterring her from writing the second novel, which she apparently is already working on now.  Whether we will see a follow-up film, that is still up in the air.  At the premiere of The Host, one of the producers was dead set on making the second book into a film, but I do not think anyone was expecting it to do so bad.

Source: USA Today

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Max Irons Turned Down Role in an Established Movie Series


Digital Spy has a story about Max Irons in relation to a certain role he turned down.  Irons has been in the midst of doing promotion for The White Queen on BBC and Starz.  Here is the portion of the interview that is the most interesting:

He told DuJour magazine (via The Mirror): “I was recently up for a large part in a franchise, a very well-established franchise, and I said, ‘I can’t do it’. No matter how you spin it to me, it was a version of the two parts I played before [in Red Riding Hood and The Host].

“I’m very grateful these films got my foot in the door, but if I do it again, I’ll want to quit acting.”

It looks like he is done playing the young, handsome man in a love story.  But what if a sequel ever gets made for The Host?  Will he reprise the role if there is a role to reprise?

My guess for the well-established movie series is The Hunger Games and possibly he was offered the role of Finnick.

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DVD Extra: Meyer and the Actors Talk Chemistry

ETOnline reported on one of the bonus features of the newly released Blu-ray Combo Pack. In this behind the scenes featurette, Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, and Max Irons talk about the chemistry between the three lead actors.

Stephenie: “It became a very easy casting process. It all kinda came down to the people who just had that chemistry with Saoirse. Jake and Max.”

Saoirse: “I was involved in the casting for the guys, which was good. It was important that we all had chemistry and worked well together. And it was one of those things where they just left the room and Andrew and I kinda looked at each other and went ‘You can’t get anyone else. It has to be these two.'”

Stephenie: “Max and Saoirse have a very physical vibe. The chemistry was just unbelievable. And he’s very expressive. He’s just able to do so much without saying a word.”

Max: “You know, Stephenie Meyer and Twilight, it’s a phenomenon unlike anything else. So when I got that phone call from my agent, I was over the moon. Working with Saoirse is a joy. It’s just something about her, you can’t define it, it’s just all there [indicating his face].”

Get your copy of ‘The Host’ now on Blu-Ray to see more!

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Clip of the Behind the Scenes Special Feature on ‘The Host’ DVD

Niccol DVD clip

I was afraid there would not be much new stuff on The Host DVD since we got to see about every interview and behind the scenes feature before and after the film came out.  But luckily I was wrong.  USA Today has a clip of the behind the scenes special feature that is on the DVD.  It has some new BTS footage and new interviews.  The clip focuses on Diane Kruger as The Seeker and then some of the production design details.

Is everyone ready to get their copy on Tuesday?

Source: USA Today

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‘The Host’ Available on Digital Download on Tuesday, June 25th

It a bit of surprise move, The Host will be available to download in advance of being able to purchase a physical DVD.  Starting June 25th, you can pay to download the film and watch it over and over.  It will probably be available on iTunes and Amazon.  I am not sure about Video on Demand.  The DVD is still set to be released on July 9th.


Source: The Host Facebook

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