Ronan Talks ‘The Host’ and Other Films

Nathan Ligon, from and TYFW interviewed Saoirse Ronan (Melanie) about the slew of films she has recently or soon will be starring in. These include our own ‘The Host’, ‘Byzantium’, ‘Violet and Daisy’, and ‘How to Catch a Monster’ (which she is currently half-way through filming). This is a great interview if you want to get a taste of Ronan’s recent work. He asks her a little bit about ‘The Host’ near the end of the interview, but it’s very basic information on how she played two characters within one body. Since I’m not familiar with her other work, I thought those parts of the interview were interesting and informative, though, so listen in if you’d like to learn a little about Miss Ronan. 🙂


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