Will There Be a Sequel to ‘The Host’ Movie?


The girls at Strictly Robsten tipped us on an article published today at Movieline (source) addressing the issue if there will be a sequel to The Host movie.  Based on both international and domestic box office results, the film has not made back its $40 million budget.  According to Box Office Mojo, it is sitting at over $24 million right now total with six days of release so far.  I am wondering if it will drop out of the top ten this weekend completely.

“A spokeswoman for The Host says information regarding the probability of a sequel “is not available at this time,” but the film’s dismal opening weekend does not bode well for a follow-up.  The hordes who swarmed the film adaptations of Meyer’s Twilight saga apparently did not find a romance about a parasitic alien nearly as compelling because they did not show up at the cineplex last weekend.”

Of course, Stephenie Meyer still has not finished writing the second novel, so that complicates matters further.

I really don’t know what happened with this movie.  I am still stumped at all the overwhelming negative reviews.  Is it associating Stephenie Meyer and Twilight with it?  Is it the subject matter of aliens?  Is it just a bad job at promoting it?  Or is just a really bad movie?

Lizzie commented on this post and what she said stood out for me:

“I was not surprised at the negative reviews or the haters that surface every time a book or a movie with Stephenie Meyer’s name attached to it comes out. It’s happened since the first Twilight film and continued throughout all 5 of them. But the critics and haters were balanced by an overwhelmingly large, and I thought, loyal Twilight fan base.

So where are all these loyal Twifans now? Why have so few of them gone to see The Host, in support of SM. Do they think that if they stay away and the Host bombs, she’ll forget about the sequels, and her mermaid book and finish Midnight Sun or start writing about vampires again?. If I was her I wouldn’t – not for people who let me down when I needed them. If even a quarter of her “loyal” fans gave up 2 hours and the cost of a movie ticket to The Host, I’m confident it would be a hit. Not a mega hit like Twilight, but a modest hit. If Twi-apathy continues and the fans don’t support her The Host won’t even earn back the cost of production and promotion.

If The Host fails how will that impact future movies with SM’s name attached like Austenland, The Dark at the End of the Hall, and Anna Dressed in Blood? There could be a whole domino effect here, so if you are a twifan and you haven’t gone to see The Host, please go before it leaves your local theater, which might be very soon.”

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  • dablackfox

    I have read the book, listened to the audio book and watched the movie.

    My conclusion is while the movie did adjust (which is fine to a point) the movie was just as good in my opinion as the book.

    As for not enough promotion, i only saw a trailer for it in cinemas when i went to see the great and powerful oz. I too believed this movie suffered from not enough advertisement and while the trailers were good they were not exactly informing.

    As for Stephanie Meyer most guys wont watch her movies after twilight. and most chicks don’t like aliens.

    I rate this move 8/10 some of the scenes seemed forced, particularly the early move story telling with the seeker.

    I missed:

    Sunlight passing through the ice – Sunny
    The kyle thing was never resolved in the movie.

    But you don’t want a movie to go too long.

    • My Name

      I missed the Cheetos, too! It’s the small things I suppose haha

      Anyway, I loved the movie but I can kinda see how the storyline can be a bit rushed and complex for people who haven’t read the book? I don’t know… That’s the only possibility I can think of. I was seriously pleasantly surprised by the movie and the universally negative reviews are totally mind-boggling.

    • Lilly

      In an interview, I think Stephenie Meyer said that if they do another movie, Sunny would be in it because she is too important in the sequel… or something like that … I don’t know if they would make Kyle go after her like in the book or if they would create another scene.

      I just hope there will be a sequel , and I hope Stephenie Meyer will not be so disappointed by the box office that she would stop writing the second book …

      I don’t understand why people don’t even give the movie a chance, I mean it’s a good story about how humans would react if there was an alien invasion… Yeah I missed some scenes from the book, but it was a 600 pages novel ! For me, the worst part of the movie was Jared’s voice in the french version of the movie and I can live with that 😛

  • It is NOT a bad movie. I don’t buy that for a second. I think the problem is a mix between Meyer’s name, bad marketing and the Twilight-fans who obviously wasn’t as faithful to Meyer as I thought they would be. It’s a shame, really. At least we’ll get the sequel. A second book is more important than a second movie anyway, but I had hoped to experience three books AND movies.

    What really irritates me i that the critics never analyzes the story. They don’t go deeper into the story. And EVERYONE spells Stephenie and Ronan wrong.

    • Charlotte–you have been following this site for a while. So you liked it? -Sarah

      • I felt like I had already seen the whole movie (except from the ending), and I thought it was a little bit rushed. Although I loved it, they gave away way too much in all the trailers, featurettes, behind the scenes etc. But I liked the opening very much. Also there was way too much kissing for my taste.

        I’ve seen the movie three times now, and it is growing on me. It wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but it definitely doesn’t deserve that much hate. I loved the score, it was so beautiful and perfect for the movie (I loved that they played Soul inside/outside when we saw the souls). Krüger and Abel really surprised me with their acting, I loved them both. The movie was also funnier than I’d expected, and that’s always a good thing. There was some few details I didn’t like very much, like how fast the humans woke up after they got their bodies back or how the issue between Wanda and Kyle never resolved. I’ll give the move a biased 8/10.

    • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

      Yes, I think Stephenie will finish the book series, regardless of how the movie does in the end, she doesn’t write books just so that will be made into movies anyway/

  • Lizzie

    I thought it was an entertaining, thought provoking film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there were parts of the book that I missed seeing, like Wanda’s interaction with Walter, but I realize at 2 hours the film couldn’t add those parts without impacting the more important Ian/Wanda and Jared/Melanie relationships. Andrew Niccol did a very good job keeping the integrity of the book in the movie. I would give it about an 8 out 10.

    I was not surprised at the negative reviews or the haters that surface every time a book or a movie with Stephenie Meyer’s name attached to it comes out. It’s happened since the first Twilight film and continued throughout all 5 of them. But the critics and haters were balanced by an overwhelmingly large, and I thought, loyal Twilight fan base.

    So where are all these loyal Twifans now? Why have so few of them gone to see The Host, in support of SM. Do they think that if they stay away and the Host bombs, she’ll forget about the sequels, and her mermaid book and finish Midnight Sun or start writing about vampires again?. If I was her I wouldn’t – not for people who let me down when I needed them. If even a quarter of her “loyal” fans gave up 2 hours and the cost of a movie ticket to The Host, I’m confident it would be a hit. Not a mega hit like Twilight, but a modest hit. If Twi-apathy continues and the fans don’t support her The Host won’t even earn back the cost of production and promotion.

    If The Host fails how will that impact future movies with SM’s name attached like Austenland, The Dark at the End of the Hall, and Anna Dressed in Blood? There could be a whole domino effect here, so if you are a twifan and you haven’t gone to see The Host, please go before it leaves your local theater, which might be very soon.

  • Sorry, but I blame the director for paring the story down too far and leaving out too much. We fans aren’t idiots — we know you can’t have every single detail from a book included in a movie, but there were too many cuts, too many changes and the story was threadbare as a result.

    • The only other 600 plus page book that she wrote is Breaking Dawn and that got split into two films. Imagine how much would have been left out if it was only one film. This is what happens when you have a lot of source material that has to be pared down to a 150 page script. You can’t have everything. – Sarah

      • Actually, Eclipse has 627 pages (longer than The Host) and it was only one movie. Ironically it was my least favourite Twilight film (although most critics rated it as one of the better ones). My dislike of it didn’t have anything to do with the condensed plot, so much as the appallingly bad way David Slade directed the romance and relational elements of the story, which is more important than the soft horror angle he was hired for.

    • If the movie was broken down into two films and received the same treatment the current adaption had then that would probably be a big financial mistake. It might please the fans, but studio execs would be in the red.

  • I think it is a mistake to think that, just because The Host was written by SM, it means the Twilight audience are going to come out and support it. Many of my friends who are Twilight fans did not even read The Host, so weren’t very excited about seeing the movie. And even then, I think the movie has some serious problems. Most fans who have seen it have rated the movie as no higher than ‘okay’, usually saying that they enjoyed it, but with reservations. I didn’t enjoy it myself, so I didn’t want to see it again, nor was I going to gush to my friends about how great it was. I couldn’t do that. So I think its failure is linked both to the fact that the book was not as well loved as Twilight and the fact that the movie was simply not that great.

    • Alices Aunt

      I agree with all of your comments. Most of my Twifriends feel the same way.

  • I honestly don’t think the movie is going to earn its budget back, and no I don’ think there will be a movie sequel. We can’t even count on international market because it hasn’t been released and some countries didn’t even have premieres. I thought the Host would do decent business, never Twilight level and I was also somewhat surprised how poorly it did. I say somewhat surprised because I personally didn’t like how marketing was handled, it seem very broad and it failed to capture a specific audience not to mention the only real push it had was way too late (during the release week or so).
    I think Meyer should have released a book sequel first, some people have actually waited 4 years for it, gain an audience and then release the movie. But it’s too late now and if we are lucky we will get book sequels, but even those I don’t think are guaranteed.

    I liked the movie, it was not perfect, but it was probably the best adaptation that one could have expected.

    Regarding Austenland, maybe Sony can sell it without making Meyer’s name the only selling point.

    • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

      I was really surprised they were making a movie about The Host even before the 2nd book was even written, much less out, the timing was off on this. Part of the excitement is the build up to the next book and movie, the way Twilight was handled gave it the momentum, and when they were filming Twilight, I saw everyone one reading that book. With the sequel to The Host not being finished theres no hype to build on.

      • I was wondering about that myself. Thinking of the major adaptations-Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games-the sequels were out or coming out as the movies were being made. I think there was more excitement because they are kind of their own machine. I didn’t read Twilight until after I saw the movie, then I rushed out to get the rest of the series-then I anxiously awaited the films. I really hope we get a sequel to The Host!

        • Lilliann

          That could be true, but Beautiful Creatures had some of the books coming out, but it did poorly in the box office anyway.

        • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

          I hope we get the sequel to, but I don’t know about another movie.:-(

    • Elina

      you think the book sequel is in danger because the movie did badly?

      • I think Stephenie is busy, and has delayed writing the sequel for whatever reason, and now that there’s no expectation of a second movie maybe she could delay it indefinitely. But that’s just my opinion.

        • Elina

          I really hope not. I want to read that sequel. I am so looking forward to seeing where the plot goes. Unlike what Jake Able said, I hope that there will be no babies.

  • TeamEC1918

    This breaks my heart. I too thought all the twifans would of been there opening night. Not only to support SM but also the book which is amazing. I hope this doesn’t affect at least a sequel to the book, I am looking forward to reading more about Melanie, Wanda, Jared & Ian ♥

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I haven’t read all of the book, but I knew the basic plot and the ending and could follow it. I saw The Host last weekend and will see it again this weekend. I found it a very moving and thought provoking movie, that brought me to tears in a few key scene, isn’t that what a good movie should do and it did.

  • Elina

    I saw it a abroad and I only heard of it because I am a SM fan. I did not see so much as one advertisement for the movie. I only saw the reviews that came out on the same day that slammed the movie to different degrees though they all said that it is better then twilight. Considering the mayhem that twilight caused here I would say it is a marketing failure. 0 buzz. It’s not a bad movie, in fact I am going to see it again soon (hopefully it will still be in theaters) with a friend who hates twilight to get a better opinion. The script in my eyes was awful. Not as an adaptation, but as a movie. Too much emphasis was on Melanie, all the good ideas in the movie where her’s and not Wanda’s. They didn’t say anything about the souls being not violent and not lying which is important to the plot. The plot builds poorly, I can understand why Ian loves Wanda, not why Wanda loves Ian. I miss the Wanda-Jared relationship and the fact that he saved her at the end. I missed the hatred towards Wanda, her little hole and being beaten up a lot and then slowly being liked. Too much was lost. Still it is not bad, just badly promoted. like one critic said here emphasizing that it is a SM movie is a warning that keeps people away.

    • Elina
    • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

      That has been my exact words for months. The people promoting this movie did a AWFUL job and didn’t try hard enough or think properly of how to get the correct feelings across to people to motivate them to see this movie.
      They really shouldn’t have been trying to sell this as a SM film.

    • They did say a lot about the souls not being violent and not lying, like when they steal that man’s car and Mel’s like “That’s a good trick!” and Wanda says “It was no trick. We do not lie, we trust each other.”

      Also in the beginning, we hear uncle Jeb’s narration, and it says “Earth is at peace. There is no violence. Honesty, courtesy, and kindness are practised by all.”

  • Lizzie

    I don’t think there’s any doubt there will be at least one book sequel to The Host, That would be the one SM’s working on now. She said in an interview, while originally planned as a trilogy, if she finished the story arc in the second book, then that would be the end and she’d move on to something else. The Host was on the NYTimes best seller list for 26 weeks. So that was a hit. Ironically, the movie, may gain her more readers for her book sequel.

  • hostersoul

    This is sad. I loved the movie and would really love a sequel. If there was anything fans could do to help it happen, I would definitely take part in it.

  • I am a huge Twilight fan, and when I saw the trailer in October for the first time, I went to the libary and
    read The Host and I got crazy about it. It was so good and I was so happy that I read it. And now I have read The Host about 5 times and I can’t get enough of it. Me and my friends are nuts about The Host. Give for the book a chance! You can’t know what it’s like before you really read it.

    And I missed couple quotes in the movie that was in the book, like:

    • “Jealous Howe”-Ian O’Shea, and, “Jealous O’Shea”-Jared Howe
    • “Me, the soul called Wanderer, love you, human Ian.”-Wanda
    • “If I was given the choise between having the world back and having you, I wouldn’t be able to give you up. Not to save five billion lives.”-Jared Howe
    And I missed Cheetos, but it’s okay because the movie was SO great !! (:

  • The Host gets better every time I see it. Last night I went with my father and sister and they were both in tears-it was their second time watching it. Everyone I know who has seen the film a second time has absolutely loved it. I loved the book but I also love this movie. I feel the story asks so many important questions and I really want to see where Stephanie takes the story in the sequel. If you saw the film and were disappointed with the pace or what was left out, I strongly recommend giving it another try-go into it knowing it is a movie version of the story you love so much. I sincerely hope this film will meet and exceed it’s budget so we get a film version of the sequel!

  • Lizzie

    I came across this recently when I was looking at Twilight alumna films. It gives me slightly more hope for a sequel to the Host. In 2011 Taylor Lautner starred in the film Abduction which had a film production of $35 million. It opened 4th, was generally panned by the critics and got a 4% score on Rotten Tomatoes (if that really means anything to anybody). It was declared a bomb and disappeared from the movie theaters rather quickly. But come to find out …

    “After an unexpected weak opening, the film became a moderate box office success. Abduction
    only grossed $28 million domestically but did slightly better around the world with over $54 million to a total of $82 million worldwide.” That was from Wikipedia, quoting Box Office Mojo.

    The path of Abduction almost exactly follows the path of The Host. And I guess the Twilight fan base didn’t exactly support Taylor Lautner any more than they support Stephenie Meyer’s non Twilight endeavors.

    So hope for a sequel is still there, if the international box office is good and combined with domestic totals, puts the film in the black and out the red. The Host will never be the smash the Twilight Saga was, but I think SM would be very happy with a moderate box office success. I’m keeping my fingers crossed..

    • Elina

      the abroad numbers are even worse unfortunately. only 10$ million.

  • TeamJared

    I have been a loyal Stephenie Meyer fan since the early days of the Twilight books. This means that I also bought The Host as soon as it was available in 2008. And it means that, as with the Twilight films, I was anxiously awaiting the release of The Host film and was lined up to see it opening weekend. And, having read the book multiple times, I feel confident in saying that the movie was not only entertaining in and of itself, but it also stayed true to the heart of the book. Were there parts missing? Of course! But what book to movie adatation DOESN’T omit things? For Meyer fans with this complaint, did you REALLY not have this issue with the 5 Twilight films? I always felt like favorite, sometimes important parts were left out of those! Still, I showed up repeatedly to support each of them (we’re talking at least four or five times each). Because, as others have pointed out, it’s a 2 hour movie, and everything simply won’t fit. Instead of harping on that fact, why don’t we focus on the positives? The special effects, acting, and pace of The Host movie were excellent. Saorise Ronan did a fabulous job of portraying both Melanie and Wanda, changing accents and attitudes to accurately depict each. Max Irons and Jake Abel were equally impressive as Jared and Ian. So where is all of the negativity coming from? Honestly, I think it does stem from the simple fact that Stephenie Meyer’s name is attached to it, and people are bound and determined to criticize based solely on the fact that she’s associated with Twilight. It’s unfortunate and unfair. So for those of us who do support Meyer’s book and movie endeavors, let’s just band together in support of this film and hope that there is still a possibility of a sequel, no matter how unlikely it may seem at this point.

    • Ronan didn’t really “change” accents since Mels voice, save for the ending and a few flash backs, was a voice over. She was speaking in an American accent for a good 99% of the time.

      • TeamJared

        I know it was all American; I was just referring to the fact that as Melanie, who hails from Louisiana, you could hear a distinct Southern tone, a characteristic that she didn’t use as Wanda.

        • I know, but that “distinct” Southern tone came in and out. It wasn’t consistent – that’s all I’m sayin’.

  • even9

    Marketing guesses.

    It’s an slow burner imaginative film that woud suit a steady box office stream & pace more, marketing not set to that.

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers…….no. sSmiliarities in some elements but very surface, ‘the host’ is a layered romantic film in it’s different story levels. An Invasion of the Body Snatchers comic book audience is not going to be interested in that, or a story from Meyer, & the reference gives wrong impression to audience that don’t know what type of film it is.

    Twilight was a whole package, while some of that audience would be in cross-over for the Host, it is not on Twilight terms that they would be mostly crossing over.

    Thing is it’s a good film & wasn’t exorbantly expensive to make. It’s real profitability would be in a trilogy of films, as it’s got good depth, and overtime as long as happening, more and more people would jump on board 🙂

  • disqus_UZrnPiOECT

    The film is great. The crew did a very nice adaption.

    I think it is not a typical mainstream film.The Host is actually in the middle between a commercial cinema and an art movie. A typical commercial cinema just shows what the target audience want to see.The Host, more likely, shows what interests the director, and hopes the audiences get the same feel as well.

    The spokeswoman was right.Fans care about the story,rather than the author who writes the stories.
    Just because the both stories come from the same author doesn’t guarantee that you can safely transfer one story’s fame into another.

    The critics mostly came from those less successful but ambitious critics writers who can not keep calm before Meyer’s prosperity.

  • I stayed loyal to The Host & salute Meyer for creating a very beautiful story, and i would wanna go a few hundreds times to the cinema if i could!

  • Elina

    Unfortunately it seems like the host has completely fallen out of the box office charts. I know a lot of people that are surprised that it didn’t turn out as a box office hit when so many other movies that try to copy twilight manage to be fairly successful. I am also surprised. Are all SM fans disappeared since the twilight movies are over?

  • Angel

    So, I just saw the movie. I made the mistake of comparing the books to movies with the twilight series and this time I wanted to experience the movie for just the movie. I took my husband with me whom has not read the book and never will. He was a bit lost. I had to whisper things to him to explain. I thought most of the casting was great with the exception of Wanda’s last body. Melanie and Wanda had a great closeup shot paired with an incredible monologue delivered by the actress. It was captivating!! She was a much better lead than Kristen, who i must say did better in the last movie…
    All in all- it was a pretty good movie, and I will buy the blu ray but I can see what all the critics are going on about. Twilight bombed with the critics too. The fan base drove it and assuming they will stay loyal to the author was a huge mistake on the part of the studio. These fans were loyal to pattinson and stewart as a couple, and after new moon – lautner’s body. .lol

  • Lizzie

    The international box office figure has stayed the same for days, so I don’t think it includes countries where it just opened, and other places like South Africa, where it hasn’t opened yet. So I think we will have to wait at least 2 or 3 more weeks to see how well The Host is really doing outside the USA and Canada.

  • I think the other films Stephenie is working on are the real worry, not The Host sequel, since the book isn’t written yet. As someone who would like to see Austenland very much, I am hopeful that they proceed with some kind of release soon, no matter what the release of The Host seems to say.

  • Lexie

    I love the Host and I have always loved it more than the twilight saga,however I believe that the material would have been more suited to a tv series. The CW could have brought the host to life and given it more depth by spreading out the story over 22 episodes within which their would be time to fully flesh out all of the storylines in the book. The CW automatically brings in the target audience because of its other very successful shows and it could have had a second series by allowing Stephenie Meyer to finish writing whilst the first series was in production. The host is different to twilight and I’m not surprised that Twihards didn’t pack the cinema but at the end of the day I don’t think many Twihards would have gone to see the Host just because of Meyer

  • A Fan

    Even though I’m a Twilight fan, I’m very surprised at how poorly The Host has done. The movie is very entertaining and has a wonderful message of what it really means to be a good person. In regards to the critics, I think most of them failed to do their job in reviewing the film as its own entity. Instead, they kept comparing it to Twilight or Mr. Niccol’s other works, and making it seem like they thought they were watching a sixth Twilight movie.

    I understand that a good portion of the Twilight fanbase isn’t aware The Host even exists, but there are plenty of fans who do. At each of the Twilight midnight showings in my area (which always sold out), the majority of the fans there loved The Host, too, yet there were only 20 of us at the midnight. So even on a local level, it didn’t do as well.

    That said, I agree that the problem might’ve been the horrible marketing/promotion. I hardly saw any commercial trailers (and I watch a lot of TV, haha), nor did I see the trailer in front of movies that seemed like a perfect fit. The trailers I did see, however, relied heavily on the Twilight connection, which was a huge mistake. Playing on Stephenie Meyer’s name wasn’t necessarily a problem, but even the scenes they chose for the trailers came across very Twilight-ish. The posters sure didn’t help either. Also, The Host is an adult novel, yet everything about the promotion/marketing strategies screamed young adult. Even reputable news companys called it a young adult novel when discussing the movie.

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen more cross promotion with the SyFy channel or something. Also, they should’ve amped up the book promotion since it’s been a while since it first came out. They sure could have made the book signings go smoother –Ms. Meyer’s “People” were incredibly rude and unorganized. In general, though, the tour seemed to do well and did help bring awareness to those non-Host Twilight fans.

    In terms of the films Ms. Meyer’s produced or is going to produce, I don’t think they’re in jeopardy. For one, Austenland has a pretty well-known cast to back it up. These films should stand on their own because marketing always pays more attention to a director or certain cast member. I’m not sure anyone will care that Stephenie Meyer produced it, even if she is a well-known author.

    Overall, The Host is like any other movie and had two ways it could’ve gone: highly successful right off the bat or a huge flop, like Beautiful Creatures. It very well could end up being a bit of an unexpected hit, like Pitch Perfect, though, which I hope is what happens. I guess we’ll see!

  • Linda R

    I’m leaning on poor marketing techniques that lead to The Host’s downfall. Unfortunately, Stephenie Meyer’s name being attached to things pushes a LOT of people away. And plastering her name on every single trailer, as well as putting it out as a love story, wasn’t a good idea either. And those were the only trailers I’ve seen. But even THOSE trailers were extremely minimal. They were seemingly just overly relying on the Twilight audience (specifically the fans, of course) to flock to this film, which is probably why they kept using her name and Twilight in the trailers and tv spots.

    They did nothing to try and lure in the OTHER audiences out there, the ones who probably may have given it a chance if they didn’t suspect they’d be clobbered by Twilight stuff again I do think it’s a shame, though, that all the hordes of Twilight fans didn’t see this movie just to simply support Stephenie Meyer, especially considering that she’s so hated out there. 🙁 I mean, the numbers are certainly there to have prevented this movie from failing. It’s just sad.

    Now personally, as a HUGE fan of the book and from my book-loving perspective, the movie failed in leaving out the essential elements that made the book work. Walter, Wanda’d stories, Wanda’s relationships with EVERYONE (Melanie, Jared, Jamie, Ian). There were no characters in the movie aside from the main ones. Everyone else was in the background. There was no interaction between them, no drama. Everything was stripped of meaning in the movie. I appreciate that they try to stick with the general order and scenes of the book, but to me, there’s no point in doing that when the scenes are altered or “diluted.” *sigh* Oh well.

    But Stephenie, if you’re reading this, please, please, PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing and write your stories, especially the sequels to The Host! Don’t let Hollywood silence your voice.

  • Anne

    I read the book and saw the movie. Though it had some good points, I did not think it was a good movie. Melanie’s narration is too much, over explains. It treats the audience stupid. I really wanted to like it but its just not good.

    • Dylan

      as someone who did not read the books, i found the narration was not too much at all if not on point, it doesn’t treat the audience as stupid but made for an enjoyable movie since we know what’s going on. in an earlier comment i said people should quit trying to relate to the book as much as possible and instead keep an open mind, treating the movie as a movie in its own light 🙂

  • Ian S.

    Coming from a guy who never read any of the Twilight books and really doesn’t care for love movies and such. I really enjoyed “The Host”, i liked the action and (embarrassed to say it) i enjoyed the romance too. If i were part of the movie’s board i would seriously put into consideration making another movie. It all depends on how much of the population has read the books. Lets face it the book is always and forever will be better than the movie.

  • I loved the book, and thought the movie was lacking something due to the movie makers cutting too much of the book out! However, I’ve seen the movie twice and I hope to see it again because what is there of the story I love, well, I just love!

  • Wanderer

    I loved the book and movie. I wanted to see it on opening night but I was out of town that night, I love all her books and movies. I don’t understand all the bad reviews for this book and movie. Yes it’s a little bit different but so are the twilight movies. So I don’t understand. I’m a loyal fan and always will be. So I hope the Stephenie Meyer will see that there are still loyal fans out there.

  • Dylan

    everyone needs to stop trying to relate the movie as closely as possible to the book… i’d never seen nor heard of the book before this movie. I watched the movie like 5 minutes ago and i effin LOVEDD it. it was amazing! Try and have an open mind and watch the movie as a movie *in its own light*

    • Dylan

      extremely dissapointed that there might not be a sequel too :/

  • katie

    Omg I loved this freaken movie I hope theres a second one

  • katie

    Of the host

  • Alices Aunt

    I love Stephanie Meyer. I loved the book, But I did not like the movie. Too much left out.

  • I want to see another host movie it was amazing I loved it!!<3 I also love twilight to:) so all you haters just shut up!!

  • Luna Harthe

    So at least support Stephenie Meyer of what she did in LITERATURE. Nobody can give that great emotion with multiple complexity? Can you? Honestly, I am so tired of Bella-Edward fandom. People… grow up, because she’s a writer who needs to go through with a lot of fiction related issues. You people who stick with VAMPIRES alone have no other choice but to spank Lit in a very different cheap way.

  • rose

    WHAT? i LOVED the movie and if there is no sequel im gonna cry.

  • bridget

    i loved this movie <3 personally i think it wa just very bad advertising! one of friend had even heard of this movie! i only had becuase i love the book! So i got them to go with e and they absoltely loved it! so i think just bad advertising sadly for uch a good movie. please do a sequel!

  • Lady Twilight Fan

    It is not the responsibility of the fans of Twilight to support a movie that they are not the least bit interested in. Ms. Meyer needs to understand that Twilight fans do appreciate all of her hard work that she put into developing the characters that they enjoyed. They DID support the Twilight books and films. She should not hold it against them if they are not fans of her Host series. It is not their fault that her Host characters did not capture as large of a fan base as those in her Twilight series.
    Sadly, I would not be at all surprised to hear that SM is killing off her vampire characters once she does reture to writing about them.

  • Anna

    To be honest I’ve never been much into the twilight saga, although I’ve read all the books and watched all the movies. When book “The host” came out, I didn’t really want to read it. But later on I wanted to give it a try and started reading. I finished it within 2 days. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. My favorite book so far as well. So my expectations on the movie were high. And it didn’t fail at all. Yeah, they changed the story line a little and the actors didn’t have the correct hair colours. But other than that the movie rocked. When I watched the twilight movies, i though they totally sucked. The books were okay but the movies were really not my taste. As for the host, I loved both. And the actors are hot. I can’t believe this movie fails. But many twilight fans didn’t even give this book or movie a try, because they want to stick with their vampires. i think the host is so much more than just an epic love story. It shows the problems of our world and its really not so shallow as the twilight saga is. It has definitly more depth.

    In my opinion, why the host doesn’t have such a success as the twilight saga there are two reasons for that:

    – The expectations were too high after the massive success, which the twilight movies had

    – Plus the host is more an adult movie in my opinion and the twilight saga is for teens or young
    adults. So the target audience is completly different. And with Stephanie Meyers name always

    reminding us of twilight, many adults just dont wanna believe that she’s able to write books for

    older people as well – so they stay away from the cinemas.

    Considering all those aspects, I still think that the host is a really good movie with excellent actors. As for the male ones – we got some hot stuff with Jake Abel and Max Irons. And I mean who doesn’t want to see Saorise Ronan in action? After doing an amazing job in Atonement and Hanna, she totally rocks the host!

  • Linda Certuche

    I could not believe what a great movie this was. I think it would make a great TV series.

  • Ivonne

    This is horrible. I think people were expecting it to turn out as twilight did. I did read the books and they are amazing, I loved them, but the movies were just…not so great. They were good, but I didn’t loved them. I only looked forward to Jasper and Alice.
    With The Host…Oh, God, it was pure perfection! The book was incredibly awesome and perfect and so well written. And the movie… it captured all the moments I wanted to see. It was just like the book. The movie was as perfect as the book. Of course the book is better because you get to really be in Melanie and Wanda’s head and you feel their emotions and you make them yours, but for people that don’t like to read, the movie was perfect. I watch the movie every single day and I’m reading the book for the third time this summer. I really hope to see a second movie of The Host…and to read more about Jared and Melanie

  • kayla

    I wanted to see the movie in theater…but was reluctant because of soasin playing Melanie….but I did want to support SM but my friend bailed on me and I didn’t get to see it till it was out on dvd

  • Tebyu

    I’m a twilight fan, why should I feel a necessity or obligation to see other movies?? Sheesh

  • emily

    I loved the movie. I wish people wouldn’t hate it just because stephenie wrote it. I’m not a twilight fan. But I loved this movie.

  • Katie

    A sequel to The Host should definitely be made!!!! The first movie the Host made for a great movie and not making a sequel ruins a great story!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    I didn’t *hate* the movie, but I didn’t like about 90% of the acting. The storyline could have been honestly compelling- if that acting wasn’t so bad.

  • Natalie Meah

    When I first heard about The Host I wasn’t keen on the idea of an alien love story… but I watched the movie for the first time last night and I LOVED IT!! Hope there will be a sequel <3

  • Aria

    the host was an AMAZING movie and i think that there should be a sequel to the movie. I LOVED the movie and i would watch it over and over again. it is my favourite movie after the mortal instruments: city of bones. AS A TWILIGHT/THE HOST FAN, PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!

  • zerosnumber1

    My personal opinion is that I have never been a twilight fan and I loathed twilight (no offense), so I was unsure if I should see the movie or not. However, I recently watched it the other day with my friend (both never read the books or saw the movie) on Netflix while we were doing homework and we were really into the movie. Every time there was a conflict between Jared and Ian about Melanie/Wanda we were on the edge of our seats. Long story short our homework was never finished because we were so into the movie. I really liked it and I hope there is a sequel because this time I would totally see it in theaters. I am even reading the book now, and I never thought I’d be reading one of Stephanie Meyer’s books. Therefore, if a person who doesn’t like Twilight at all, but loves the Host then they must be doing something right. I give this movie 2 thumbs up! I only wish more people agreed.

  • Trenton Mackie

    This is one of the best movies I ever seen in my life, I REALLY HOPE THAT THERE WILL BE A 2ND HOST!!!