Ronan Talks About Her Ideal Saturday Night, Hanging with Her Mom, and Intimate Scenes


Belfast Telegraph reported on another interview (or part of a larger one) with Saoirse Ronan. This time the young Irish-woman talks about what her ideal Saturday night looks like, how her mom has been by her side since her career began, and, very briefly, about doing intimate scenes in ‘The Host’. I’ve included some snippets below, but you can read the full article here. I especially find the line she gives about her intimate scene adorable and amusing :).

“My ideal Saturday night would be to watch a few films with a friend, erm, have some tea, maybe go out walking for a little while,” she confided to the British edition of Vogue.

“I like walking around cities at night-time. London, early in the morning or late at night. Or New York. Dublin.”

“My mam comes with me everywhere,” she smiled.

“I started out young so she was with me from the off. My dad usually comes as well.”

Giggling, she admits it can be strange to get so intimate with a colleague.

“It was a bit like, ‘Hello Max, nice to meet you and now we’re playing tonsil tennis,’” she laughed.

Hmm…tonsil tennis, huh? Here in The States we call it ‘tonsil hockey’, but same basic idea, I guess 😀

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