Our Policy Regarding Spoilers

By now, we all know that there is a surprise in the film in regards to who plays Pet in The Host.  This is being withheld on purpose or we would all know by now who it is.   Many of you have seen the film and already know, but it is not appropriate for this site or anyone commenting on it to spoil the surprise for anyone.  It is not fair to those who do not want to know.  I did not know and am glad I didn’t going into the film.

We reported early on on a rumor about who plays Pet, but we clearly labelled the post as a possible spoiler and have no photo in the post.  We will not confirm if the rumor is true.

This is very much like the surprise ending in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  Fan sites did not reveal it or discuss it until after the film was out.

All comments about the identity of Pet will be deleted.  Thank you for being respectful of other people’s experience with this film.

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  • Krazykira

    I for one am glad it’s a surprise. I like the anticipation. I like not knowing until I see it. Without telling me who, can you tell me if you were pleased with the actress’ acting?

  • Grace

    I don’t want to know who plays Pet, but i do have one question. Is she blonde?