Our Interview with Saoirse Ronan at ‘The Host’ Press Junket *SPOILERS*

Saoirse Junket

Warning: There are major spoilers in this video, so if you would like to be kept in the dark about what happens in the film, who Pet is, and what happens in the book, please come back to this video after you have seen the film.

On Saturday morning, we took part in a fan site roundtable interview with Saoirse Ronan.  We and the other fan sites were able to ask her a lot of questions about The Host and since she really has not done many interviews yet about the film, that gave us the chance to ask her about a lot of elements in the film.

She discusses how she portrayed two characters in one body and how they did it technically, acting with herself, giving up one of her characters to another actress, how the second actress picked up on how Saoirse portrayed Wanda, her preference between Melanie and Wanda, things from the book that were left out of the film, the Twilight/Stephenie Meyer fandom, what drew her to the project, how Stephenie Meyer interacted or gave advice to actors on set about their characters, kissing Jake and Max and the preparations for it, having her wear heels during the crash scene and walking through the desert, if she kept anything from the film, Jake the prankster and the plastic cockroach prank on set, the fantastic Google Hangout, comparisons between her characters in The Host and The Lovely Bones, her preparation for the roles, working with William Hurt, where she wishes her character (Melanie) will go in the second film/novel, how the film almost ended, dialect coaches for an American accent, and differences between working with Andrew Niccol and Peter Jackson

She did ask us to ask Jake why he is such a lame kisser, jokingly of course.

Max is afraid of insects and butterflies, FYI.

She would definitely be in if another film was made, but it would depend on schedules and such.

She is not attached to the upcoming Cinderella film.

Her favorite word to say in an American accent is “gross.”

Some of the internal dialogue was changed a little and rerecorded after filming.

Source: The Host Movie News

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