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Some of what we see in this interview is similar to what we’ve seen before. For instance, by this point, we all know Max Irons has a secret (maybe not-so-secret now!) man-crush on Jay-Z and we know Jake’s favorite scene is the one they filmed on the last day of shooting where he and Saoirse (as Wanderer) are on their ‘first date’ outside the cave, looking at the desert and, of course, smooching. However, there were a couple parts I liked which I’ve included below (with my comments, of course :)).

What drew you both to the film? Was it the sci-fi or drama elements?
Jake: It wasn’t so much sorta what it was, as far as genre goes. I know for me it’s always the script and the filmmaker. That’s always my start-off point, if those things entice me then it only helps that someone like Stephanie Meyer as successful as she is, and as sweet as she is sweetens the pot. When Saoirse Ronan is attached, I will always say yes, and I’ve been wanting to work with Andrew Niccol for some time.
Max: For me it was kinda the survival aspect, I think that becomes Jared’s focus and you know what even Jared and Melanie’s relationship is romantic from a third person point of view but from his point of view it’s really not. You know he’s lost a girl, she’s come back, he’s lost her in a completely unimaginable way and it’s a real struggle, and I thought, that’s an interesting problem to play for a character. And I really couldn’t think of any other film or book in which there’s been that problem. Where the physical form of the person you love is in front of you but you can’t touch them, you can’t hold them, you can’t love them, you can’t talk to them in the way you did. I thought that would be an agonizing thing, consequently a nice thing for an actor to get to do.

I like how Max was drawn to this project because of the character he was going to play. I think this brings a level of investment to the character that is really needed to sell the story he’s telling.

If you could play any other character in the movie who would it be and why?
Max: I’d play Kyle because he gets to go ape-shit all the time. I think that’d be fun.
Jake: I’d play Jeb because I’d want to know what it’s like to be William Hurt, with a big bushy beard, and a big gut, and a giant brain. Or Doc, man he was a cool mother fucker. You come out and he’s just like, “Hi y’all how are you? I’m good I’m excited to do a scene today.”

I’m sorry, did Jake just say that a powerful actor like William Hurt has ‘a big gut’!!! I hope Mr. Hurt doesn’t find out about this or we may see him putting Jake in his place :D. Anyways, in the answers the actors gave above, Max thinks about the actual character while Jake is choosing which he would like to play based on the actor currently playing them in the film.

Don’t read further if you don’t want a spoiler!!!!

What do you think is the most powerful scene that conveys the message of the whole movie?
Jake: I guess for me it’s a scene I was in the first date scene between Wanda and Ian, where he takes her outside for the first time. Because that’s where they have the conversation about “You wouldn’t love me, you would squash me.” and I say “You don’t know that.” And lay a big kiss on her.
Max: I think the moment where Brandt, I don’t think it’s the most significant to the plot, but the moment where Brandt and Aaron, in the truck where they get caught by the Seekers, and they decide to make the choice not to be taken but to kill themselves.

Like I said, we already know Jake’s favorite scene, but I haven’t heard this answer from Max before. Having seen the movie, I would agree that the scene he is talking about is very powerful and easily the most sobering in the film. It’s easy to laugh at the little funny moments and get swept up by the quick pace, but you also lose sight of the fact that this really is about survival and how terrifying this existence is for the rebels.


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  • Marinaxan

    I love how max understands jared’s character so well. he is so cute. And I am completely shocked about the Brandt and Aaron scene, I didn’t know :'( thanks for uploading so quickly! I dont know what would I do without this site.greetings from Spain!