Jake Abel: Destined to Work with Stephenie Meyer?

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Bullett interviewed Jake (Ian) about ‘The Host’, ‘Percy Jackson’, and some other unrelated questions. A lot of the information he provides about this film is much the same as we’ve heard before: he talks about the love ‘box’ and his character, as well as retells the story about Max, Saoirse, and him in the truck that Max is driving (not in the film) through the desert and how scared they were. Jake goes into more detail in this interview, though, about the larger themes in the story, which I feel helps draw a wider audience to this film than we saw with ‘Twilight’.

So let’s say that aliens did, in fact, arrive to take over our bodies to try to end human violence. Do you think that would be the best way to solve the world’s problems?
We had two weeks of rehearsal with the cast and Andrew sitting around basically asking that same question. We all went on either side of it. If that happened, this world would be great. It would be perfect. Everyone would be happy. But none of us would be sitting here. Our bodies would be here, but we would be stripped of our souls, which is our essence. And without your essence, you’re dead. I personally don’t think that it would be the best way.

The other part that caught our interest was the knowledge that Jake tried out for the character of Edward, in Meyer’s previous series, ‘Twilight’.

You auditioned for the role of Edward in Twilight, but you’ve said you basically flubbed it. What happened?
Listen, everyone auditioned for that. If you were in town, you went out for it. I viewed it very literally. I thought to myself, This guy is a hundred and something years old. What’s he doing? I decided to play it like that. Maybe I knew it wouldn’t work, but I found it interesting. I think that’s all we as actors are trying to do: find ways of doing things that you find interesting. Ultimately it paid off because I did the same thing for The Host, and that’s what it was meant to be. I was meant to work with Stephenie, and we were meant to be a part of each other’s lives. It just wasn’t supposed to happen till later.

Jake Abel, destined to work with Stephenie Meyer? That’s a neat thought!

You can read the full interview here.

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