EW at ‘The Host’ Premiere, Talking About a Possible Sequel

Premiere Of Open Road Films "The Host" - Red Carpet

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the cast, Stephenie Meyer, and Andrew Niccol at the LA premiere of The Host.

Andrew Niccol is ready to go on a sequel.  He is just waiting on Stephenie to finish writing it.

“Show me the book, Stephenie,” he joked. “You shouldn’t be here. You should be home writing.”

Now Stephenie is saying that it might not be a trilogy, but just to wait and see where the story ends.

“I’m working on the sequel,” she said at the premiere. “I don’t know if it’ll be a trilogy. It depends on if I get to an ending point. We’ll see where the story ends.”

Max and Jake on a sequel:

Jake Abel, who plays Ian, the one who falls in love with the alien Wanderer inhabiting Melanie’s body, said he would “absolutely” want to make a sequel. “I hope enough people go see it and want to see another one because I know we all would love to [make another one],” he said. Max Irons, who plays Jared, Melanie’s love interest, said of the film’s cast and crew, “It’s a good team. I think the team would be coming back in its entirety. So I’d be game.”

The rest of the article are quotes from others about Stephenie.  It is worth the read.

Source: EW


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