Dallas Press Conference with Max, Jake, and Chandler

This is video of the press conference held yesterday in Dallas prior to the group heading over to Barnes and Noble to do the book signing.  Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Chandler Canterbury participated in the conference with members of the press.  Something did get cut out of this interview.  I don’t know what, but it was probably a spoiler.

They discuss fan interactions, working with Andrew Niccol, any room for improv with Niccol, working with William Hurt, the audition process, where they found Chandler (great response), acting opposite an actress playing two roles, how the book got downsized to the script and the film, the love box, Max discussing his father, how this is an unconventional alien film, how this cast really became very close, the elevation of Young Adult films, and the alien contacts.

Jake believes that this is Andrew Niccol’s closest return to Gattaca.  He says Andrew Niccol is actually more meticulous than Peter Jackson.  Niccol’s office was actually papered in the characters, locations, and scene layouts.

They had two weeks of rehearsal which was actually requested by William Hurt.

Someone asked the same question I did in my interview just previous to this press conference about who would you take over if you were a soul.  They reference what answers they gave me.

Source: Red Carpet Endings on Youtube via Soul to Heart

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  • I wish chandler canterbury commented more, just to hear his opinion and see who HE is as an actor, he seems like a great kid