April Vogue: You Can’t Escape the Phenomena That is Saoirse Ronan


Take the time to read this article, and you can tell very quickly that the writer is entirely captured by Ronan: her dazzling appearance and charming personality. As one who has also met her, I can agree that she is a uniquely fascinating girl and mature far beyond her years. This article was written several months ago (a fact which can be ascertained through comments the writer makes, as well as the fact that I’ve reported on several clips from this interview previously). I like that the writer picked up on the point that Ronan is not just another child actress, but someone who will likely make her mark while still maintaining her integrity; a trait that I respect her for. There are also interviews with her previous directors about Ronan’s process when acting – apparently not having one!

“Peter Weir, who directed her in The Way Back, said, “She has knowledge beyond any acting course, or anything you can learn through observing.” Neil Jordan agrees, “She doesn’t seem to have a technique. She just gets right to the heart of the issues every time.” Director Wes Anderson cast her for his next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, without even meeting her…

“I’m not sure she even knows how she does it,” says Macdonald. “That skill, of being able to register emotion and story even on your face, is what makes a good actor truly great.”

Did you also know that Ronan was homesick for Ireland during the filming of ‘The Host’? I remember reporting on it a little, back when they were in the middle of filming, but it’s still sweet to read about the music she listened to and tea she drank to remind herself of home (not to mention crying a little in the privacy of her trailer). We also learn that she aspires to learning film and art history at NYU some day. More power to you, hun! Not all of us get to chase our dreams, so enjoy the heck out of it! 🙂







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  • I remember this, so thanks.

    I hate to be a party pooper, but all this article was just kinda nauseating. I totally agree that she’s a talented actress, but the way people talk about her is kinda bizarre. And NYU? Like I didn’t see that coming (if it isn’t the Ivies, it’s NYU for young entertainers).