Second TV Spot for ‘The Host’

This is the second TV spot for The Host.  What stood out to me the most is that in this spot,  is they included “On March 29, A New Saga Begins.”  Obviously a reference to the Twilight Saga, and a nod to the fact that this will not be a one film deal.  This, of course, relies on Stephenie Meyer working on the second book, and the hope that this film will not bomb at the box office.  If Meyer fans turn out in force for this one, we shall indeed find ourselves awaiting the second film.

Head on over to Cambio to view the TV spot, since they are restricting who can view it outside of their website.

Source: Cambio

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  • I don’t like spots that just take other things and cut certain words out, re-editing the sentence together. You can always tell something is missing.