Max Irons and Jake Abel Talk First Times with Headline News

CNN Interview

While Max Irons and Jake Abel were in Atlanta doing press for The Host, they chatted with Headline News (HLN) which is associated with CNN.  The interview is part of a series called “My First Time.”  This interview shows again that Max and Jake are having a lot of fun on this tour.  Loving bellmen and getting rid of Justin Beiber are not off limits for these boys.

HLN: The film “The Host” features a great love story, so it’s only fitting to ask: Who (or what) was your first love?

Jake Abel: My first love was baseball. I wanted to be a professional baseball player when I was a kid. I had the same feeling about what I do now that I did as a kid playing baseball. I had told my grandma one day, “You know, I would play baseball for free if they’d let me!” To which she said, “Come talk to me when you’re older.” But I have that same feeling now: This is my art and I would do this for free.

Max Irons: Apparently, when I was young, I used to get very sad and I’d cry for them a lot — bellmen at hotels. I figured that people were coming and going, but no one ever stopped to hang out with them. And I used to think they must be really, really lonely. They always have to smile but maybe they’re really sad inside. So when my parents stayed in hotels and I was with them, I’d go down and talk to the bellmen all the time. And when I had to leave, I would cry — I was a weird kid.

JA: So your first love was a bellman?

MI: My first love was many different bellmen. (Wait, please don’t print that…)

HLN: If you were the aliens, what would be the first thing you’d get rid of in humanity?

MI: Get rid of Justin Bieber!

JA: You can’t say that!

MI: I’m saying it: I’d get rid of Justin Bieber… for a little while! Maybe three years. We’d have a break and then he’d come back and do it all over again.

To read the full interview, head over to HLN.

Source: HLN, CNNShowbiz on Twitter

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  • I can relate to the bellman thing. They do seem to lead a lonely life. Maybe we should all give them a hug …

  • Maria

    I think I like Max Irons more now!!!!

  • wintusquaw

    I just went and read the whole…Way to short…interview. These guys seem like they have had alot of fun with all this…but they look really tired in the pic on THMN. And Max Irons seems like he’d be a fun person to hang out with.