Is ‘The Host’ Tour Coming Your Way?

Jake Abel (Ian O’Shea) tweeted this afternoon that there is a The Host tour that may be coming your way.  AND it looks to be an international tour as well.  Usually with these tours, between one and three actors from the film will come around to do interviews with the press and to meet fans.  Jake also hints at special screenings of the film coming also.  As soon as we get any details we will update this post.  So keep checking back.

Jake Abel Tweet Tour

Source: Jake Abel’s Twitter

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  • stephanie

    Wonderful news!!! I knew they were about to do more interviews very soon and now this is even better for doing international tours. Are they coming to New Zealand, considering NZ director Andrew Niccol directing it? Please!!!

    • Probably. I wouldn’t be surprised if the international tour was similar to Twilight’s: LA, NYC, Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo mixed with smaller US cities, with the trio & director & author splitting and sharing certain destinations in order to cover more ground.

      • stephanie

        Thank u for the information and hope they do that:)))