Google Hangout Live Chat with Stephenie, Jake, Max, and Saoirse (Full Video)

You can now watch the Google Hangout Live Chat in its entirety.  The third trailer is at the beginning and Saoirse Ronan joined in late, interrupting the trailer.  Max tries to shush her a couple of times.  Watching Max’s reaction to the trailer is pretty neat as well.  I will post more interesting details or quotes soon, but I think it is best that you watch it all for yourselves.  It is quite enjoyable and hilarious and it is worth your time to watch it.

Most emotional scene:

Stephenie: The last scene where Saoirse is both Melanie and Wanda.

Jake: The “You are not leaving me scene.”

Max: When Melanie/Wanda first come to the cave.

Stephenie is slowly working on the second The Host book, but the commitments to promoting this film and Austenland will keep it at a slow pace for the next couple of months.

Jake really liked to show off his guitar skills to everyone on set.

Stephenie is sad that Walter did not make it into the film.

Soundtrack: It will mostly be score, but the Imagine Dragons’ song “Radioactive” will be on it.  Stephenie and Niccol are both fans of the band and Stephenie just saw them live on Friday.

No cameo for Stephenie in the film, unlike Twilight and Breaking Dawn – Part 1.



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