Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘The Host’ (December 13)

Here are some new behind the scenes photos from The Host.

Literally only a couple of minutes after I posted this, Frances Fisher posted another behind the scenes photo to Twitter.  This one is of her and Saoirse Ronan.  Very cute!

Lee Hardee (Aaron) posted to Instagram/Twitter a photo of himself doing some ADR work for the film.

Jake Abel posted a photo to Twitter of himself, Max Irons, and who I believe is Boyd Holbrook doing some training at the gun range for the film.

This is Jake Abel doing his best impression of himself as Ian O’Shea in front of the final poster for The Host.  Although not a behind the scenes picture, it is funny enough for me to include it.  Jake says to tweet him (@MrJakeAbel) with your best impression and you may get an RT from him.

Source: Lee Hardee on Twitter, Jake Abel on Twitter, Frances Fisher on Twitter

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  • Mia

    What is ADR???

    • Automated Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording. Basically going back to scenes and re-reading lines so they are heard better.

  • Rosie

    It’s weird how I really like Francis fisher because of how good she’s been to the fans by posting lots of pictures and telling them things about the film. But then it’ll come to the day of release, ill be watching the host and wonder why she’s being a bitch. If that makes any sense…

    • Luna

      Hahaha, so true!