Saoirse Ronan Talks ‘The Host’ at TIFF

 Another Update (September 12): HitFix got to sit down with Saoirse Ronan while she was in Toronto for TIFF.  Below is the excerpt from the interview about The Host.  Read the entire interview here.

As someone who hasn’t really jumped into the studio movie world, what made you go to do something like ‘The Host’?

I loved the concept.  I think it’s an amazing concept and I really liked the book and just the idea of creatures coming onto our planet and trying to perfect our race and our world and get rid of any negativity in any way, which of course would never work really because suddenly you’re taking away human nature and human spirit and all these different things.  But it raises a lot of questions like that and that was really, really interesting to me.  Then they said that they [brought on] Andrew Niccol to do it, who has made brilliant films in the past that have conceptually been mind-blowing and beautiful.  So, he was perfect for it and I mean the main producer on it, Nick Wechsler, was fantastic.  He brought everyone together and Stephanie and everything.  So, there were a lot of things there that really attracted me to it.”

Update (September 12): In addition to the MTV interview, Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton sat down with for a video interview discussing Byzantium at TIFF.  At the 2:30 mark, Saoirse discusses The Host briefly.  We already know that she was filming Byzantium before moving on to The Host.  When she finished The Host, she started filming How I Live Now.  She basically just does an overview of the characters she has been playing recently.

The very end of the interview is pretty funny as they get parting gifts, and there is a mention of One Direction.

While Saoirse Ronan was at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) promoting Byzantium, she mentioned The Host in interviews.

She talked with MTV News on the same day she was going to be able to see a cut of the film.  She said she was looking forward to the footage that is between her character and William Hurt’s.  I know some you noticed that Saoirse gave away the ending of the book/film in the last set of MTV interviews, and she mentions that predicament again.  Watch the video below:

Source: MTV News

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  • Anon

    She’s a lovely young lady, very grounded. I enjoy the fact that she is looking forward to the scenes with an older, established actor over the romantic parts with her young male co-stars. Those are probably quite embarrassing for her to watch.

    As for the spoilers she mentioned? Everyone makes mistakes, especially when tired. I admire her for acknowledging the error. You can’t withhold forgiveness from someone so modest for long.

    • JD

      The butt kissing towards Ms. Ronan from certain fans of hers is weird.
      And she kinda laughed the error off like it was no big deal, like “this
      shouldn’t be an issue.” Apparently it was. So big that they had to change the ending.Way to go.

      • Connor90

        When she said ‘they had to cut it’ saoirse obviously means they has to cut that from the interview not cut the ending off the movie. If you remember that particular video was uploaded to MTV weeks after the others and had no publicity from Josh, It was most likely accidentally uploaded. So please stop trying to cause drama

        • JD

          No Connor90, you did not pay attention to what she said. Watch the TIFF
          interview again; the MTV interview in which she gave out the ending and
          other scenes is still the same as before – nothing was clipped and it’s
          still accessible. Here’s the link:

          what she said is true, that they had to change the ending, then we can
          only blame her and whoever uploaded the video. Maybe the ending, if it
          was still included, might’ve not worked with the theatrical cut, so
          let’s hope whatever ending was put in place (basically we have the
          alternative ending now) is better than the original.

          >> So please stop trying to cause drama

          Please stop brushing mistakes under the rug like it never happened. You
          people are so fixated on whether or not the actors match the
          characters’ facial features that your priorities turn to the left
          automatically. What happened in that MTV interview is actually something
          to be upset about.

          • Connor90

            for a film company to change the ending of a movie just because an actor talked about the ending of the movie which is already widely known would be ridiculous, I still think when she said ‘they had to cut it’ she was talking about the interview. obviously were aren’t going to agree on this.

          • JD

            I don’t understand that mentality. If we go by what you said then the entire movie is fair game to talk about – from the very first minute to the very last clip. Right from the actors’ mouth, not the script (because that could always be changed) – go ahead and ask ANY Host actor on their twitter account to tell you what happens in the story. I mean, if it’s okay to give away the ending (which already widely known inn your words, Connor) then it’s okay to give away the entire movie. There would be no real reason to see the film. Go rent the movie at Redbox or something. Download it illegally on the internet once it hits theaters.

            And you forgot one target audience that you forgot: those did not read the book. That’s why studio’s feel the need to change it. Actually, it’s just common sense to change it because there would be no anticipation – word of mouth would turn lukewarm. It’s the old saying “don’t spoil the movie.” There is NO guarantee that the movie will include all scenes from a given book.

            Are all The Host fans this ignorant? Are you all so inconsiderate of others that you have do not care quality control?

          • Connor90

            I would just like to point something out. they have already started test screening for the movie and the actors have seen it as well. There have definitely not been any re shoots so that would suggest that the movie is unchanged.
            Yes they could edit out that part she said ‘that near the end everybody gets what they want, Ian and wanda are together and mel with jared, back in her own body’ – no exact quote
            but that would massively change the story from the novel and almost entirely remove that chance of a film sequel (which NO film studio would do)
            As a saoirse ronan fan I can admit that it was an extremely stupid thing for her to say, especially someone with her time and experience in this industry and im not defending it
            and the target audiance for a book to film adaptation (these days) is going to be the fans of the novel.

          • JD

            >>There have definitely not been any re shoots so that would suggest that the movie is unchanged.

            Early screenings do not disprove the possibility of the ending not being changed. As there are different takes, different scenes (deleted) and alternative endings that are left on the cutting room floor, the producers could have easily edited in a new /alternative ending. Reshoots usually happen if the director does not like how a scene was done ie blurred cinematography or awkwardness of scene during editing process.

            The MTV interview premiered in mid August, unknowingly w/o Josh’s acknowledgement or MTV like you said. That means whenever the studio found out about it, whether it was the time before its first screening (early Sept.) or between the second screening (at TIFF, the 10th) the ending was changed. Saoirse’s first time seeing a cut of The Host was at TIFF, and I believe she was the very first cast member to do so, meaning no other cast member knows what she knows (no other actor spoiled it but her so she alone was face to deal with upset producers). If any of the general audience that were at the first screening was aware of this change, that is if they were aware and watched the fourth MTV interview before their screening, they couldn’t express their thoughts due everyone signing a NDA (non-disclosure act).

            A far fetched thought, but still a possibility: it makes onne wonder why there was a private screening (probably more private than the first) for her at TIFF . . . the studio may have wanted her to see “the damages” and “what could have been.” Isn’t it odd that they would schedule a screening of a not-yet-finished movie four months in its editing phase when their lead actor is doing promotional work for another movie? I don’t believe Max Irons, Jake Abel, William Hurt or Diane Kruger was at TIFF the same as Saoirse. It looks like this scheduling was out of the studio’s way. Was it for a special occasion? Maybe the special occasion was called “You effed up and this what we have to show” screening.

            In the TIFF interview she expressed deep concern ON WHAT HAPPENED in Josh’s MTV interview – not his interview being edited (it still is intact since its premiere, ironically) – but that the movie itself was altered from its original cut. She momentarily sounded ashamed of what she did. I don’t think an actor would act that way over a supposed “clipped” interview. I know I wouldn’t.

            If it was Josh’s interview that was clipped he showed no signs of disappointment and never said “don’t worry about it.” What he did do was back up what she did like it was no big deal. It turned out it was a big deal for people who invested money and time. Again, watch the TIFF interview with open ears and pay attention to both
            of their facial expressions and tone of voice when the subject comes

            Before you think I’m a Saoirse hater I’m not. I’m a BIG “fan” of hers. Another poster said that I hated Saoirse. That’s completely false. I just don’t like it when a person is not called out for their mistakes, and a serious one too, especially when most people who visit this site show anger over how the actors don’t match what they had in mind ie Saoirse doesn’t have olive skin. They completely overlook or ignore issues that are more detrimental to the movie’s success. That’s messed up right there and tells me the absolute selfishness of those who are just so hungry to get “their book” the way they want it.

          • JD

            >> and the target audiance for a book to film adaptation (these days) is going to be the fans of the novel.

            How about the Andrew Niccol fans? How about sci-fi fans in general? How about fans of Saoirse not interested in reading the book? No movie is made “for the fans” completely. Movies based off of popular books are made for profit. Hence, commercial entertainment. The fans of the novel is just one target audience — you definitely don’t get Andrew Niccol or the type of cast the movie has if the sole target audience is novel fans.

      • Anon

        “The butt kissing towards Ms. Ronan from certain fans of hers is weird. ”

        You are right, I didn’t criticize Saoirse as much as some feel she deserved. The thing is, I try to look past the bad in people. This doesn’t just apply to celebrities but to everyone. Faults are so easy to see. It is harder to like someone in spite of thieir flaws and that is why I strive to do it.

        Best Wishes
        Anon (from the first comment)

        • JD

          This isn’t “the bad in people” anon. It’s what she did – this does not make her a bad person. It was a stupid mistake on her part (and you too scoffed it off), one that should be a concern and not if a actor’s skin matches the skin of their book character. I am surprised that more aren’t upset about this. This is the perfect case of ethics and misguided priorities. And by bringing this issue to attention I have infamously become “that” poster.

        • JD

          >> This doesn’t just apply to celebrities but to everyone.

          So if Bill the Plumber does it it’s okay for more famous people to do it. In other words,
          tu quoque. Gotcha anon.

      • Kine Haug

        They changed the ending because of it? How do you know that?

      • Oh come on. I really doubt they changed the ending. What can they do so different in the story? Seriously, not much. And I didn’t see anybody who doesn’t read the book complaining that Saoirse give away the end, because… no one who doesn’t read the book at least watched this interview. So, nah, I guess she thought they had to cut it (the interview in the site, i mean), but they didn’t make it in the end. Just that.

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  • Faith May

    I Cant Wait Until The Host Comes Out. I Love The Book And I Think That Saoirse Ronan Is A Brilliant Actress. Shes Perfect For The Role As Melanie Stryer. I Cant Wait Until 03-29-2103 ‘ (: