Frances Fisher Discusses ‘The Host’ With E!

Frances Fisher chatted a bit with E! about The Host, Stephenie Meyer, and the fans.  For those who do not know, she is playing Maggie Stryder in the film.  Here are a couple of quotes from the article.  It does not say where they met her and got this interview from, but she was recently at a movie premiere and walked the red carpet.

“I have no idea what people’s sensibilities are, but Stephenie Meyer has a finger on a pulse of the youth of this country, of the world actually.”

“When I started tweeting that I was doing this I was getting responses from France, South America and Russia,” she said of the film’s hype. “There’s so many people already who are aware of The Host.”

Frances Fisher is one of the most gracious actresses that I follow on Twitter.  She is very nice to her fans, the websites, and answers many of the asked questions about The Host.  She won’t be revealing anything she can’t, so don’t go ask her anything about Pet. 🙂  I cannot wait to see her in The Host.

Read the whole article over at E! Online.

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