Cast This: Pet

Welcome one, welcome all, to the next edition of our Cast This series! For this edition, we’d like to tackle the question of Petals Open to the Moon, or ‘Pet’ as she is called when we first meet her. I don’t want to spoil who this character is for those who have yet to finish reading the book (or are waiting to read it until after the movie, as I know some people prefer to do), but we know from the book that her voice is described as “high and trilling”. “It was a child’s hand, except for the long pink-and-white nails, filed into perfect, smooth curves. The skin was fair, with a strange silvery cast to it and, entirely incongruous, a scattering of golden freckles…The face in the mirror was roundish, too, not quite oval. Small. The skin on the face had the same silver undertone – silver like moonlight – as the hand did, with another handful of the golden freckles across the bridge of the nose. Wide gray eyes, the silver of the soul shimmering faintly behind the soft color, framed by tangled gold lashes. Pale pink lips, full and almost round, like a baby’s. Small, even white teeth behind them. A dimple in the chin. And everywhere, everywhere, waving hair that stood away from my face in a bright halo and fell below where the mirror showed…Like an exact translation from Flower to human [describing her face]…This body looked much younger than her true age, hovering on the verge of seventeen.” We know that Pet is small in stature, a face and body that causes those around her to want to help and protect her, and that her heart is described as fluttery more than once.

There have been some recent tweets with Raeden Greer (Lily) that have hinted towards the casting of Pet. Currently, this knowledge is being kept secret, so we are left to guess.

June 25th:

@RaedenGreer: “@AmoTheHost: @RaedenGreer Raiden! you know who is the actress who plays the role of Pet?” Quite the burning question. I do have the answer”

@AmoTheHost: “@RaedenGreer for real? and can you tell us!?”

@RaedenGreer: “@AmoTheHost I’m not going to tell…but you’re gonna be blown away and more than pleased, I think.”

@TheHostMovie: “I like that we don’t know who Pet is in #TheHost film. Will be a nice surprise for fans if unknown until the film hits. -S @RaedenGreer

@RaedenGreer: “@TheHostMovie True. I hope it stays secret until then, but who knows!”

I especially find it interesting that even Raeden wants this knowledge to remain a secret until the film is released. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a movie hiding its casting decisions before, so this is quite intriguing for me :).

For those who have been following us awhile, you may remember that we tried to do a Cast This post for this character before (it was one of my first posts), but it was unfortunately overshadowed by news finally being released about the movie. Because of this, there was not much response to the original Cast This post. We would LOVE to hear everyone’s thoughts on who they think may have been cast that is causing such secrecy and, from Greer, at least, such excitement. For kicks, I have included below those actresses who were chosen during the previous post (though I want to be clear that none received more than 3 votes, so there was no truly clear favorite).

Elisabeth Harnois

AnnaSophia Robb

Sofia Vassilieva

Jennette McCurdy

Allie Grant

Bridgit Mendler

Elle Fanning

Taylor Swift

Mia Wasikowska

Amanda Seyfried

I must say that I’m not particularly attached to any of these actresses in the part of Pet. I feel that they’re all too old, in reality and in appearance, save for Elle Fanning. My concern with Elle is that she may be too young, even. Since the other main actors in the film have been aged down slightly to accommodate Saoirse Ronan (Melanie/Wanderer) in the part, even admitted by Stephanie Meyer in a recent interview with MTV, it would make sense that Pet would need to be an actress even younger than the others. Elle, however, is barely 14 and that might be pushing it. It does describe her as looking young for her age and I have seen 17 year olds who looked even younger than Elle, so it is reasonable that she could play the part. I saw Elle’s performance recently in ‘I Bought a Zoo’ and she did a very good job. She also looks a good deal older than the pictures I’ve found of her before. I could definitely see her playing a 17 year old. I will say that, looking through the above actresses, judging simply by appearance, my opinion has changed since the last time this post was done and I would favor Elle over the others. If I stumble across an actress I feel would better fit the part, I will make sure to comment about it, but above all, the opinions of all of you, our readers, matters greatly to us, so please let us know who you think they reasonably would have selected for this important character. 🙂


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  • Connor90

    Elle fanning is the only one with the acting ability to be a co-lead with saoirse in ‘the soul’ but i also think she is to young. I really like annasophia she isn’t the best actress but would be a fine choice.

    • Salty

       Finding a co-lead who can keep up with Saoirse’s acting ability is going to be a nightmare, do not wish to be that casting director.

  • Salty

    I liked AnnaSophia, but I do find her and Saoirse somewhat similar in looks and it could get confusing. Elle would be a good choice, she’s young but looks older than her age and we must remember the ages have been lowered a year or two so that Saoirse could play Mel (not complaining at all, I adore Saoirse).

  • Sammbear

    I would like Elle fanning here in this The curve of forgotten things rodarte video. She looks much older here and I could see her playing the part.
    OTHERWISE, it would have to be AnnaSophia for me as well.

  • Sammbear

    I also like Britt Robertson. She looks the part. Very young looking for a 22 year old, I must say(:

  • Pet

    Elle Fanning is sooo young, but maybe she’s the right one. I don’t know enything about AnnaSophia Robb, but she’s good looking for playing Pet.

    And I’m sorry if I have written something wrong, but I’m just 14 years old girl from Finland. And I’m soooo big The Host FAN!! ♥

  • kayset

    Abigail Breslin would also b good for the part.. 

    • Marjolaf21

      Yes! I was just thinking that. She would be awesome.

    • Frida

      She’s amazing, absolutely loved her in Zombieland!

  • Frida

    I LOVE Elle Fanning but I love Dakota Fanning as well and I think she’s super talented, I would love to see her in more movies! 

    One of my absolute favorite young actesses right now though is Chloë Grace Moretz (, she was totally badass in kick-ass and I think she’s super cute and a very talented actress. 
    Then someone that is just adorable but haven’t done any really big parts is Sasha Pieterse ( but I believe she’s also very talented on what I’ve seen, and she’s got this cute round face and curly blonde hair.

    And one of my resent favorites is Hailee Steinfeld ( from True Grit. A lot of talent, not blonde but that’s not really a problem and very cute too.

  • Hani Mar4

    Bridgit Mendler! she’s both cute and pretty, like Pet’s supposed to be. 
    elle fanning would be nice too, but she’s only 14 and watching her kiss jake abel would be totally wrong. >.> 
    so yea! bridgit it is!

  • nicky_march

    They cant keep it secret too long, I would think for promotional reasons..arent there alot of events the actress playing pet should be involved in when it gets closer to movie opening?  
    **spoiler** Cuz think about it, even though shes only in the very end of this first book/movie, she is going to be a major part of all the sequels, considering shes the new wanda, she’ll most likely be the main character the remainder of the series, or one of them.
    As for the actresses above, going by talent, I agree elle fanning, also agree shes too young. Going by looks, pet should look frail, dainty and angelic, the first girl above looks fitting…but definitly not jennette mccurdy..dont get me wrong, shes great, just that my daughter watches icarly, and it would be hard for me to go from brutal, wise-ass sam to frightened, frail pet lol ;o)

  • Frida

    My own Pet played by Chloë Grace Moretz, I would be so happy if she was cast, I doubt she will but she’s one of my favorite actresses and she’s such a talented one.

    I made her eyes gray and “the silver of the soul shimmering faintly behind the soft color”, I gave her some freckles and a pink mouth, the skin was hard, I’m not sure it’s very “silvery” and then I gave her som big blonde locks 🙂 (Anyone interested in seeing the original pic, just let me know)

    • Josen

      So cute!

  • In my view, the Pet would be suitable Elle Fanning, but they can not imagine how would a kiss with Ian. It is too young for the role.
    So more in this role I saw Bridgit Mendler. Is 19 years old, but looks young. Pet in the book from what I remember is 16 years old (17 years), but I think Bridgit Mendler, you can disguise a girl at that age. It is “sweet”, so just like in the book should inspire confidence.
    Least in my opinion, the role of Pet would fit Sofia Vassilieva. It is a good actress, but this role does not fit.
    Jennette McCurdy does not match either. It is too serious for the role of Pet. A more fit for the role of cheerleaders.
    I could even accept AnnaSophia Robb. Also well suited to the role of Pet.

    It will be a very difficult role for the director and screenwriter.

  • Tati5ive

    I like AnnaSophia Rob or Elle Fanning

  • Zzz..

    I think Sarah Hyland would be a perfect Pet….just dye her hair and put some contacts on her and bam! 🙂

    • Frida

      That’s so true, she’s got the round face and the big eyes and she looks much younger than 21 🙂

      • Zzz..

        Yes she has that angelic futures Pet has and she’s old enough that it wouldn’t feel weird with Abel on screen 😉

        • Frida

          I have a hobby of Photoshopping so I thought I would give it a try
          Here is Sarah Hyland as Pet 😛

  • Fangirl

    Ginny Gardner, she’s seventeen and she’s perfect for the role 🙂

    • KineHaug

      Gardner’s my #1 choice too.

      • Frida

        Hi! just wanted to ask, are u from Norway?

        • KineHaug

          Yes 🙂

          • Frida

            So we’re neighbours 😛 I live in Sweden 🙂

          • KineHaug

            Good for us!

    • Frida

      She really seems perfect, I have no idea how she is as an actress though… but she’s super cute and has that round face and pink lips 🙂

    • Veronica Meyer

      So true! I hope she plays the role of Pet!


  • I think I would be the perfect choice 😛 lol But out of the girls up there^ I would pick AnnaSophia. Or I would pick Ginny Gardner like the girl below chose. 🙂

  • Jill

    Ms. Robb would be a could Pet, petite and blond, based on aesthetics and acting chops.  

  • Frida

    I tried improving the the pic I did of  Chloë Grace Moretz as Pet since the lighting was pretty poor, anyway here it is 🙂 I think u can see much better now, I hope so

    (Can’t see it? Try here: )

  • Sierra

    I can’t really see any of the actresses here as Pet, except for maybe AnnaSophia Robb, but even then I still don’t think she’s the right person for the role. One thing I’m sure about though, is that I don’t like the idea of Elle Fanning as Pet. Not because she can’t act, believe me when I say she can definitely act, it’s just because of her age. She’s like 14 years old and Jake Abel is around 24 years old, so to see them together as a couple onscreen would be kina creepy.

  • Ari

    I like Chloe Moretz or Bella Thorne (just die her hair) I think they’re closer to the right age and have the Pet/Wanda look to them!

  • Miku

    Taylor Momsen, she’s pretty, she’s young (18 to be exact) and if anyone’s watched gossip girl then they’ll know that she’s an amzaing actress, albeit a weird one. 😀

  • Jill

    There’s a “clue” by a tweet saying Pet is played by an actress who’s been a “star” for the last couple of years. I’m not sure what the word “star” specifically entails, but my guess it could be Chloe Grace Moretz (not listed) or maybe Amanda Seyfried (who had the co-lead role in Niccol’s In Time). 

    • Jill

       Or Elle Fanning.

  • M.M

    The Only I like the most and is a good actress is 
    Mia Wasikowska 🙂

  • Sian

    I think Sasha Pieterse fits the description of Pet to a tee…right down to the dimple in her chin. She’s a girly girl and she could be “made down” since she’s a bit too made up in Pretty Little Liars to be Pet but she’s also the right age. I seriously hope it’s her!

  • Sweetheart

    To be honest, Pet has gold hair, not flaxen. 😉

  • lilawlerzz

    okay, i thinkk that everyone except for elle isnt right. my next choice would be annasophia robb, but shes too, idk, fierce?

  • lilawlerzz

    sorry, i meant to add that elle is too young, because she would be a 14 yr old playing a 17 year old in love with how ever old ian and whoever is playing ian is

  • Tia

    AnnaSophia Robb or Allie Grant

  • Swiftie

    Taylor Swift! (: Or AnnaSophia Rob!

  • Lily

    Allie Grant, she’s the closest to what I imagined Pet would look like, after Wanda is implanted in her. She has that child-like innocence, and with her features, it really seems like no one could think her dangerous, exactly like Meyer had written. She just looks like Wanda.

  • AnnaSophia robb could play the part

  • gin

    hey guys, don’t forget that the looks isn’t important at all if she’s a bad, unexperienced actress. There could be a sequel (ever heard of “the soul”?) and if pet alias the new wanda sucks… well, then the second movie will probably become a desaster. No fun, for no one, I’d say. And they couldn’t just swap her, that’d feel pretty weird, wouldn’t it? Remember the Victoria-case (Twilight), and she was just a featured part. In my view, only the performance matters and the movie makers should really be convinced before they give anyone the role. but i have to agree that Elle Fanning wouldn’t be the best choice, she really is too young and every observer would know about that and it’d feel both clumsy and morbid. What I wonder about is if they’re going to split the novel… because then the solution of our mystery is even farther away

  • Phoebe1609

    Guys, I mean COME ON! This was the most OBVIOUS casting of all the characters! How can you not see EMILY BROWNING (with her blonde hair of course) as Pet!? I see her face every single time I read Pet’s description! I mean seriously, the round, full, baby-like lips! The softness! Everything about Pet is Emily Browning!!

  • alexmongi..

    Anna Sophia Robb hands down.