MTV’s Set Visit and Interviews with the Cast and Author of The Host

For whatever reason, at least one of the set visit and cast interviews from MTV for The Host came online today through a different website.

Josh Horowitz of MTV interviewed Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Stephenie Meyer about the film.  We also get to see some really cool behind the scenes shots of them filming on the soundstage.  The caves look pretty cool!  I captured one screenshot where we can see Frances Fisher in full Maggie costume and Jake Abel.  I went a little Perez  Hilton on the second photo just to point them out 🙂

There are six other interviews with Stephenie Meyer.  The first video discusses her input into putting together the film and working with Andrew Niccol.  She also mentions Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The second video has Stephenie discussing casting, more specifically about Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, and Max Irons.  She touches on the age debate, considering how young Saoirse is compared to Melanie in the book.  She also talks about how the Melanie/Wanderer dialogue will work on screen.

The third video discusses the cave set.

The fourth video has Stephenie Meyer discussing her writing.  Spoiler: She has not written anything lately because she does not write when she is focused on a film.  She does say that she wants to write the second The Host book next.

The fifth video has Stephenie discusses the possibility of another Twilight book.  Sorry, no Midnight Sun anytime soon.

The sixth video (and last for now) has Stephenie discussing Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games.

The official article about the visit was just finally uploaded to MTV.  It mostly summarizes the video.  Find it here.

Source: Dread Central, MTV

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  • Salty

    Stephenie’s response to the 50 Shades thing was pretty classy tbh. This is also the most definitive answer we have gotten to the sequels question

    • Yes, I can’t believe she did not sue.  Of course, that does not mean she did not get any money from it.

      • KineHaug

        What’s up with Americans and suing people?

        • Jill

           LOL I think I read somewhere that besides baseball, suing people was the second past time for Americans. Not to say that it is true, but I found it humorous.

  • Hiddenx264

    The cave was more spacious than I imagined but wow, that is a wonderful set. Also, Ronan is more athletic than I thought.

    • Jill

       It’s just running down a hallway.

  • KineHaug

    I’m pretty sure the guy with the blue hat is Kyle.


  • RT

    “MTV.COM video cannot be viewed outside the US for copyright reasons.”

    Well, that excludes the population of most of the world, doesn’t it?

    • i know right? i just watched it on Youtube, but when i tried to watch it later on, it had been taken off for copyright reasons!

      • Yes, I tried to find one but MTV is probably taking them down pretty fast.

  • KineHaug

    Raeden Greer confirmed that Lily is the woman in the red skirt.

  • Rosie

    I think I’m actually heartbroken that I can’t what these videos – I live in the UK.

  • JIll

    The way Meyer talks about the visuals Niccol is using I think about The Tree of Life by Malick. If anyone has seen that movie it is Gorgeous. The cinematography is simply stunning. 

    • I do think that movie is beautiful and equivalent to art, but it was not the best film.  I was glad I waited until DVD to see it.

      • Jill

         I  liked the film. It’s totally different (but in a good and genuine way) and even though Malick could’ve done some editing in certain parts, I think it’s a flawed masterpiece.

  • Adrianna

    can someone upload this to youtube or something? i can’t watch it here in canada 🙁

  • Deniqua Frye

    haha, they all looj like raggamuffins! for some reason i expected for them to look better; now you know jared could’ve hit up a macy’s on a raid!

  • Shelley Renee MCKey

    Yeah, I wish my overseas and other country fans could see this interview, not fair to you either, most of the fan base for this movie is in other countries.

  • nameless

    I can watch all of those videos and I’m in Finland.

  • Ahz_the_bookworm

    I hate MTV, I live in the US and yet I haven’t been able to find any of these videos. It’s not fair, not even these videos work. {Weeps} *=’ (

  • the host

    OMG!!!! If Taylor Kitsch would play Finnick that’d be awsome!!!!!!!!! He’s sooooooo hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1