Official Facebook Page for The Host, First Banner Art, and Contest

The Host now has an official Facebook page!  Head on over to to “like” their page.

Along with the new Facebook page, we also have our first glimpse of the banner art they are using to promote the film.  The title is pretty standard except for the “O” is enlarged and bright.

Remember that hint Stephenie Meyer gave about a chance for fans to be a part of The Host?  Well, that has revealed itself on the Facebook page as fans can be a part of the first trailer.  You can submit a photo of yourself following certain specifications and you might end up being in the trailer.  Very cool!  You must “like” the Facebook page to access the information.  I did notice the email that you are supposed to send the picture to is for, but there is nothing on that webpage yet.

I hope everyone has the chance to make it into the first movie trailer!

Update (2/18/12) – I noticed that Stephenie Meyer updated her website to confirm that that the thing she was hinting at in her previous post was the Trailer Contest.  Along with that she posted another version of the above banner, except that it is a rectangular and horizontal.

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  • That gives us some idea about what the first trailer will look like! That’s amazing!

  • Salty

    “Like”d on facebook. Mission completed  

  • Rach Welshred

    Can’t wait x

  • Cresley Pierce

    I stumbled onto a set up as they were preparing the scene. 40 or more people were dressed 50’s or 60’s style. I asked the driver of a “hollywood truck” what was being filmed he said, “The Host”.

    • I don’t remember anyone from the book dressed in 50s or 60s style.  Anyone else think this is The Host?

      • Jill

         Andrew Niccol’s visual style, for clothes, is usually a 1950 retro throwback. It’s not a heavy dose , but subtle looks like cars (In Time, S1m0ne) or maybe set designs (Gattaca). The most modern look he used, as in 1990s-2000s, was in Lord of War. 

    • Cresleypierce

      (in down town Baton Rouge today )