William Hurt at The Golden Globes 2012

I tweeted about seeing Jeremy Irons at The Golden Globes (he is Max Irons’ father) on Sunday, but I completely missed that William Hurt was also at the awards ceremony.  He was nominated for his role in HBO’s Too Big to Fail.  I am posting a picture of William Hurt on the red carpet.  It looks like he is growing his hair out and growing a beard, probably for his role as Uncle Jeb in The Host.  While hair extensions, wigs, and facial hair could be added later, at least this gives us an early look at how he may look as Uncle Jeb.  Uncle Jeb is a main character in The Host, so I would expect William Hurt to have plenty of screen time in the film.

Source: altfg.com, Amo the Host

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  • Salty

    I saw him *briefly* when the nominees were announced and noticed the beard too 🙂

  • Christina R1987

    I think he is absolutely perfect for this movie. So excited…