William Hurt in Talks to Join The Host

Entertainment Weekly got the scoop that William Hurt is in talks to play Uncle Jeb in The Host.  That means that he is not 100% confirmed to be in the film, but they are probably negotiating contracts and such.  EW says:

“Hurt would play the pivotal role of Jeb, eccentric uncle to Saoirse Ronan’s Melanie Stryder, whose brain is hijacked by the soul of an alien being known as Wanderer. Jeb is one of the grizzled leaders of the human survivalists fighting the alien invasion.”

I do not think anyone had suggested William Hurt as Uncle Jeb in our Cast This poll.  Regardless, William Hurt is a fantastic actor.  He was most recently seen in the TV show Damages, and films like The Incredible Hulk, Into the Wild, and The Yellow Hankerchief.  He has been nominated for several Oscars and won a Best Actor Oscar in 1986 for Kiss of the Spider Woman.

Max Irons, Saoirse Ronan, and Jake Abel have already been cast in the film.  Andrew Niccol is directing the film.

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  • lauralynn

    I just don’t see him as Uncle Jeb.  I picture someone older, more cantankerous. Someone like Denver Pyle, the guy who played Uncle Jesse on the original TV show of The Dukes of Hazard. Unfortunately he’s dead, but he’s just an example.  Hurt is a great actor, but all the roles I’ve seen him in he’s been very soft-spoken.  That’s not Jeb.  If he can pull off being a crazy, eccentric, cantankerous old coot, then I think the movie will be good.

    • Jill

      Are you serious?

      “Hurt is a great actor, but all the roles I’ve seen him in he’s been very soft-spoken.  That’s not Jeb. ”

      Of course that’s not Jeb because he WASN’T playing Jeb. It’s called acting and he’s more than capable of pulling it off due to his talent.

  • Nicole

    How funny! He is who I pictured as Geoffrey (Trudy’s husband) while reading the book! Muse Watson was my favorite for this part, but Hurt is a fantastic actor.

    • Nicole

      Also, the picture above must be an old one because he looks a lot older now, which works better for Uncle Jeb. Check out pictures of him in Moby Dick. I attached one below (look at that crazily awesome beard!).

  • I will do a happy dance when it’s official

  • sara

    fantastic. love that they are trying to get really quality actors for this.

  • Sia

    This is great ! What an amazing actor. 

  • Luna

    He’ll make a great Jeb. I hope he grows a scruffy beard, though. Jeb needs his beard 🙂

    • Nicole

      He looks awesome with a scruffy beard! Check out the picture I posted in the comments earlier or google “William Hurt Moby Dick.”

    • Xfinity

      Watch the “The Village.” A groomed beard, but a beard nonetheless. That’s what makeup and wardrobe is for.

  • Soff

    Add a lot of messy and white beard and it’s like the perfect jeb