Stephenie Meyer Interview with MTV at ‘Breaking Dawn’ Premiere

Stephanie Meyer was interviewed by MTV at the premiere of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’. Most of the interview is about ‘Breaking Dawn’, but near the end the conversation moves to ‘The Host’. Meyer talked about how she was on set every day because of being a producer on the project and how that was both ‘grueling’ and rewarding. She talked about having a cameo appearance during the wedding scene (she hated being filmed, but enjoyed being a part of the project). Meyer acknowledged how many people were disappointed by the lack of ‘passion’ in the ‘Breaking Dawn’ book and that the movie would help to alleviate some of those frustrations. There was also many a wet eye on set during the filming of the birth scene, according to Meyer, a situation she reported does not happen often. Meyer admitted being tired of vampires at this point, not willing to offer any commitment as to whether she would return to the book she had started from Edward’s point of view, which she gave up in her frustration when the first chapter or so was leaked to the public.

Meyer seemed very excited when the topic turned to her new project, ‘The Host’, and the casting of her three main characters. The auditions were very clear to everyone, she reported. It all came down to the chemistry between the actors and Meyer appeared very pleased with the decisions that they have made. I, for one, hope this means that we can have faith in the actors that have been chosen so far, and that this will quell some of the fears and frustrations expressed by fans. Let’s hope that chemistry translates to the silver screen well enough.

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