Saoirse Ronan Interview with SFX Magazine

There is a new interview with Saoirse Ronan who will be playing Melanie Stryder in The Host.  The interview is with SFX Magazine which is a science fiction magazine in the UK.  Ronan describes the story of The Host as:

“. . . still set in our world but it’s a perfected version of our world, which I think is good becuase it means we’re not going to be completely detached from it.  I think that’s why it might be a bit more touching because it is actually our world.”

Ronan also says that The Host director Andrew Niccol “has a very specific vision and it’s a cool concept.”

The quotes I am pulling for this post are from Hypable, which quote SFX.  The interview cannot be found online, so if anyone is in the UK and would like to send us a scan of the interview, that would be great.  I just got back from the UK yesterday, and I wish I had known about this interview while I was still there.

UPDATE: One of our visitors provided a scan of the article.  Thank you, Anyonimous23!

Source: SFX, Hypable

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  • Anonymous

    I wish they would finish casting this movie and start filming already.  I want to know if they are going to keep Ronan’s look the same or are they going to make her over to look like Mel did in the book. 

  • Anyonimous23
    • Sarah

      May I just say how awesome you are. Thank you!

  • She doesn’t look anything like Mel though. 
    This is frustrating.

  • Kevvin