Casting Narrows For Male Leads!

An article in Variety magazine (here) talks about how Stephanie Meyer is focusing on The Host, now that her Twilight Saga is coming to a close in theaters. They list Saoirse Ronan as playing Melanie Stryder (previous interviews with Ronan  seem to have confirmed her casting in this role). The article goes further to list the actors who will be tested for the leading male roles.

For the role of Jared, Melanie’s romantic interest:

Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games)

Kit Harington (Game of Thrones)

Jai Courtney (One Shot)

Max Irons (Red Riding Hood)

This is a description posted on Wikipedia about Jared’s character: “Jared is 28 years old and Melanie Stryder’s lover. Circumstances always improve for the rebel humans he runs into, due to his great skill. He is seen as loving and somewhat excitable in Melanie’s memories, though the loss of her renders him very bitter. He bears a grudge against Wanda, treats her cruelly, and is unable to empathize with her for most of the book. He eventually develops a closer relationship with her in addition to his extreme devotion to Melanie. He is somewhat of a rival to Ian O’Shea, because Ian sees Jared as a competition for Wanda’s affections. Jared has been looking after Melanie’s younger brother, Jamie, when Melanie was gone. Jamie idolizes Jared and aspires to be like him. In the end of the book when Wanda is taken out of Melanie’s body it is shown that Jared and Melanie are back together and are in a relationship. Jared is described as good-looking, tall, with tan skin, brown eyes and tawny hair.” You can see the original article on Wikipedia here.

For Ian, Wanderer’s love interest:

Dane DeHaan (In Treatment)

Thomas McDonnell (Prom)

Augustus Prew (The Borgias)

Jake Abel (Lovely Bones)

This is Ian’s description on Wikipedia: “Ian is a kind character described by Wanda to be “as kind as a soul, but strong as only a human could be.” At the start of the book, he has a strong dislike to the souls much like his brother, Kyle. He also tried to kill Wanda when she first came to the caves, but, after a while, he started to like her. Ian falls in love with Wanda, but she explains to him that she can’t love him while in Melanie’s body because Melanie loves Jared and it ‘was in the makeup of her cells’ to like Jared. When Wanda tries to kill herself to give Melanie back Ian snaps and won’t let her leave. In the end of the book, he is in a relationship with Wanda, who had been put into a new host body, the body of Pet (Petals Open To The Moon). Ian is described as tall, with great physical strength, ink-black hair and vivid, “sapphire-blue” eyes.”

As for a financing update, also in the Variety article:

“Chockstone Pictures principals Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz are producing with Nick Wechsler and Meyer. Inferno’s Marc Butan, Jim Seibel and Bill Johnson will exec produce, while Roger Schwartz will co-produce. “The Host” is being financed by the producers and Inferno, which is handling sales.”

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this, including which, if any, of these actors you would love to see in the parts.

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  • Froggie_14_85

    I don’t like any of the Ian pics. They don’t look old enough. I thought he was supposed  to be 25.

  • I can’t with the Ian’s omg no none of them. Keep Kit as Jared and Max move it down to be Ian and I may accept this lol

    • I like the look of Kit too. I could see him as Jared.  As long as he can act, I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything.

  • Anonymous

      First off, in your list of possible Jared’s, there’s really only one logical choice and that’s Jai Courtney.  Liam is already the star of a well-known, highly popular trilogy/franchise that takes place in the future and has to do with humans and basic survival.  To have him in BOTH trilogies at the same time would be disastrous for both because they would be constantly compared and scrutinized together instead of on their own merit. 
    And you don’t want Kit because he being on a weekly TV show, his face and acting will feel to common-place, to routine and you don’t want people to get that feeling from the movie.  And Max is all wrong for the part.  He just comes across too nice, too squeaky clean.  Jared has lived a hard life, he’s lost a lot, he’s seen a lot, and it’s made him strong with a hard edges.  Max just doesn’t give off that vibe.
    Jai has the look and the air of a street-wise man who’s had to learn to do what he had to to survive loosing his whole family plus the woman he loved and still carry on. 

    Now Stephenie, I don’t know what you were thinking when you chose these guys for Ian.  Come on!  You have to be kidding me?!  Jamie yes, but Ian?  NO WAY!! All of these BOYS are way too young, too baby-faced and immature looking to play Ian.  For Heaven’s sake, Stephenie, Wanda didn’t rob the cradle you know.
    And I know that I’m not alone in my feelings.  I suggest you go back to the acting pool and try again to cast Ian and this time think more along the lines of Vin Diesel-like, and for his brother, Kyle, think Dwayne Johnson-like.  In other words one big teddy-bear and one big grizzly bear. 

    • agreed!!
      i love Liam, and didnt think of him for the host, but he would fit for Jared, IF. . IF. . he wasnt in the hunger games. you cant have him in both.
      and im not even commenting on the Ian picks. because thats surely a joke!!

  • Hell_Jill

    The Big question is: do any of the proposed actors have the acting chops to not fall apart when sharing the screen with Ronan? Based on their filmography and just reading quick performance reviews (NOT basing it on their looks) :

    My picks for Ian – 
    Kit Harington
    Max Irons

    My picks for Jared –
    Dane Dehaan
    Augustus Prew
    Jake Abel (maybe)

    Hemsworth is a poor actor so his a definite NO in my book

    • Hello_Jill

      Oops. Just switch the Jared and Ian for each list and you have my list.

  • so glad they are getting going on this finally!

  • Marjolaf21

    Well, after all the “Saoirse Ronan is too young for Mel” comments, I suppose that the number of “the Ian choices are too young” comments shouldn’t surprise me.

    Baby-faced, I’ll give you. They are baby-faced, especially in the chosen pictures. But young? It is accepted in the canon that Ian is 25 years old. By the time shooting starts next year, three of the four Ian choices will turn 25. Thomas McDonnell will turn 26.

    Judging purely by the pictures, I would go with Thomas as my Ian. He fits the picture I have in my head the best, although Jake Able with his amazing blue eyes could convince me. He looks like a young Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

    For the Jared choices, again choosing only by the looks, I would go with Kit Harington. None of those guys looks like the Jared I imagine, but he comes the closest.

    (BTW, I’m surprised that no-one has commented on Liam Hemsworth for Jared. The role of a 30 years old guy, played by an actor who’s … 22. Now that’s what I call too young.)

    • Hello_Jill

      I sense that Hemsworth is  an option because of his rise in popularity among producers due to The Hunger Games and his brother arising from Thor.  Other than that he has zero credibility and acting isn’t of merit – his consideration is only because Hollywood is trying to make him the next Rob Patterson (who seems like such a good guy, but the acting . . . oh geez). Him being considered for ANY of the parts is an insult to my intelligence. But than again, didn’t Stephenie Meyer had much say on who made this list? Go figure.

  • im scared!!!
    their getting this soooo wrong!
    i like the jared picks. but what is the Ian picks all about? jake abel is a fantastic actor, maybe he could pull it off. but he doesnt scream ian to me.
    im worried! :-s

  • Y_turner

    Apart from Max Irons, they would allll be perfect as Jared. And Jake Abel is the one for Ian!!! This is exciting stuff!

  • Pessimist

    No no no no hemswortg is a lead in hunger games and I don’t like him anyway! The guy from one shot looks good! As Jared is supposed to be older and he looks more fuller faced likexa man 😀
    Urgghh the picks for Ian are awful-I suppose Jake Abel is the nearest look due to blue eyes but he shd be a bit OLDER…why would he be uncomfortable about underage sex when he looks underage.
    That said I’m so sad it’s not jenson ackles and Ian somerhalder -perfect <3

  • Anonymous

    Love Kit and Augustus !

  • OMG I can’t believe Stephenie approved this, these actors have nothing in common with the characters. The only one that could pass is Jake Abel, but please,. let’s not forget this:

    JARED ——> TAN SKIN!!!!!!

    WTF STEPHENIE!!?!?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      I rather them know how to act then look the part. It’s called makeup and look what happened to Twilight they messed that up.

      • Hello_Jill

        You forget that it’s all about the looks when it comes to most Meyer fans. Acting chops takes a backseat. Which I kinda confuses me . . . is the upcoming project a film or a photo shoot. Hmmm. From the written comments stressing the actors don’t look the part, I guess a photo shoot. Bummer. I was hoping for a piece of sci-fi cinema. 

    • Rosario

      SO TRUE!

  • Amandafrost

    Liam has a strong look, which is what I pictured for Jared.  I don’t see any of the Ian options as what I pictured Ian looking like.  Kit, who is up for Jared, looks a lot like Ian to me.

  • R Blondiex00

    i could definately see Jai courtney as jared..but Ian..the only of the four i could picture..solely based on looks would be Jake Abel..i’ve always wanted to see Liam Hemsworth as Ian..but i guess thats not happening:(

  • R Blondiex00

    Max Irons for Ian O’Shea!!!…move that boy down.

  • Nicole

    At first glance, I wasn’t keen on the Jared picks because none of them really fit the description (and Liam is in the Hunger Games). But, after finding some nonbleached-hair pictures of Jai Courtney, I think he looks the part. Plus he is a decent actor. Kit Harington has awesome acting chops, but they would definitely need to lighten his hair. As someone already mentioned, Max Irons seems too sweet. Eh, maybe he could pull it off.

    The Ian picks are all over the place! Dane DeHaan is a good actor, but the boy is super skinny. He would need to put on serious muscle to play Ian (and die his hair, of course). Similar situation with Jake Abel. Also he and Augustus Prew look more like Jared to me. Going on looks alone, Thomas McDonell looks the most like Ian. I’ve never seen him in anything, so I cannot comment on his acting ability.

    ALSO does no one else think Kit Harington and Thomas McDonell look alike (I looked at better images on Google). If Thomas played Ian, Kit would make a good Kyle.

  • Ddd

    Kellan Lutz as Ian ;3

  • whimzy

    I always saw ian somerhalder as jared and tom weller as ian–what do you think?

  • Oh no. Oh no no no no no! I can’t see any of those guys as even CLOSE to old enough to play Ian. The only way they fit the role is their blue eyes, and that’s pretty much where the comparisons end. I think that even though Liam Hemsworth is in the Hunger Games series, he fits the role as Jared perfectly. He’s the right age. I never even considered him before, but now that I have, I can’t picture anyone BUT him as Jared. I think they’ve got more searching to do for Ian though.

    • Nicole

      I completely understand why you think the actors up for the role of Ian are “too young.” All of these actors have played much younger characters on TV and/or movies, as Hollywood loves to do. In reality, they range from 23 (Jake Abel) to 25 (Thomas McDonell) years old. And, Stephenie Meyer said in an interview that Ian was suppose to be 25. I agree that Liam looks how I imagined Jared but he is only 21 (and doesn’t look older). Jared is suppose to be in his late 20s. I hope they pick an actor who is at least 25 years old.

  • Seo Hye Ri

    I originally liked Ian Somerhalder for Ian. HAHA. But they made Melanie Stryder to young, she wasn’t what I imagined to be although I guess Saorsie Ronan’s age is like Mel’s. I just imagined her to be tougher looking. Anyway, working with what we have now, based on the premise that they picked a younger Melanie, I would go for Kit Harrington for Jared and Jake Abel for Ian (what with those blue eyes). Liam Hemsworth may be fitting but as a comment in here said, he is already part of a trilogy that is quite famous and I don’t want people to compare the two franchises just because an actor played in both of them. That happened before and that was totally not fair.

  • Hello_Jill

    1. You cast for looks you get looks.

    2 You cast for acting chops you get substance that a director and other actors can work with/feed of off.

    I vote for #2.

    • Marjolaf21

      I absolutely agree with that. The actors should be chosen by their talent, and also by their chemistry with Saoirse Ronan, because chemistry does matter, rather then by their looks.

      Unfortunately, we, the general public, don’t get to see the auditions. We get to see pictures, and the previous acting experience if there’s any. The actors short-listed for Jared don’t have that much acting experience, aside from Liam Hemsworth who’s done three movies and played a main character in two tv shows.

      Kit Harrington is doing/has done Game of Thrones. Jai Courtney has done Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Max Irons has done Red Riding Hood. That’s pretty much it, and it’s not a lot to go on.

      We judge who we think the best Jared, and Ian, would be with what we have. The bright side is that the casting director, whoever he/she/they are, have a lot more to go on then we do. I trust them to choose the right person for each part. 

  • Gwentell

    I dislike all of these choices… They don’t match the description at all. As well as they look terrible with Saoirse Ronan. Which she doesn’t match at all either. But she’s a terrific actress so I’ll forgive it. All the Ian’s are puny… Come on, it says clearly in the book that Ian and Kyle are big guys. Do they look big to you? Jarred and Ian are supposed to be Hot. These guys are ugly, average at best…

    • Hello_Jill

      And they cast actors that were clearly over 5’5 in LOTR to play the hobbits but somehow they managed to make them look like they’re 4 foot. 

      You want looks you get a Vogue shoot, or a glorified ABC Family movie that ‘s better off as a series.

      You want quality you cast for acting skills and worry later about the book description. You might actually get a good movie that critics praise.  

  • JJ

    Max Irons for Jared!!!

  • Asiunia1107

    for Jared I would really love to see Kit arington and as for Ian I’m thinking Thomas McDonnell or Jake Abel they all have a really graet potential. 😉

  • April_Showers

    lian  hemsworth should be kyle this is how i imagined him I think He would be amazing *-* 0.0 woo the host!!!

  • AvieScar

    Ian Hemsworth looks nothing like Jared!!! Are you kigding me?!!! Chris Hemsworth maybe, but not Liam!!!

  • AvieScar

    Heck even Hugh Jackman would kinda work for Jared

  • AvieScar

    Allan Hyde(with contacts)
    Matt Dallas
    Adam Gregory 
    Sean Ashmore
    Jared Padalecki
    Bradley Cooper
    Chris Pine
    Jake Gyllenhaal!
    Tom Welling(with contacts)

    Channing Tatum
    Alex Pettyfer
    Cam Gigandet
    Ryan Renolds
    Sean Faris
    Jensen Ackles
    Chris Evans
    William Levy

    Hunter Parrish
    Nicholas Holt
    Colin Morgan
    Austin Butler

    All of these actors would work!! The ones above? OH NO!!!!

  • AvieScar

    And Paul Walker would work for Ian as well

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