Possible Casting Call for The Host

I previously wrote a post about a casting call over a year ago.  Another casting call has been posted by a different website in August.  I want everyone to take the source with a grain of salt since I cannot vouch for its validity.  Considering the film is starting to film in January 2012, roles may have already been cast.  If I hear anything about casting extras, be sure that I will pass the news along.

“The Host”, a major upcoming movie from the writer of the Twilight novels, is now casting co-starring roles for production which begins in January 2012. 

From best-selling author Stephenie Meyer, this movie will be a science-fiction thriller about an alien soul who takes over the body of a young woman named Melanie Stryder in order to find the last pocket of surviving humans on Earth.

“The Host” will star Saoirse Ronan. The movie has been written by Stephenie Meyer, and it will be directed by Andrew Niccol.

The movie is being produced by Marc Butan, Stephanie Meyer, Bill Johnson, Nick Wechsler, and Paula Mae Schwartz for Nick Wechsler Productions and Open Road Films.



Pet (aka “Petals Open to the Moon”), any ethnicity, 18 – Mid 20s. Pet is a pretty, intelligent, and open-minded alien Soul with a Zenlike sense of calm about her. She is loyal and genuinely caring. Pet has silver skin and grey eyes, and she has a magnetic quality to her aura that Ian finds tempting. Pet soon falls deeply in love with Ian, and she does everything in her power to be with him. CO-STARRING ROLE

Sharon, Caucasian, 20s. Sharon is a brash and confident young woman who is hiding out with the other human rebels in an underground cave dwelling in Arizona. She has a good rapport with most of the other rebels because she always says what’s on her mind. Kyle and Jared never try to push her around because they know she can fight back. Sharon wants to destroy Wanda at first but gradually grows more comfortable with her. Sharon later forms a romantic relationship with Doc.

The Seeker (aka “Lacey”), any ethnicity, 20s – 30s. The Seeker is one of the Souls who are invading human bodies. She is prickly and judgemental, though most of her fellow Souls are calm and soothing. The Seeker is disgruntled because she has not been able to completely get rid of the previous soul occupant of the human body she has taken over. Melanie and Wanda despise her at first when The Seeker makes a mean-spirited comment to them. PRINCIPLE ROLE

Maggie, Caucasian or mixed ethnicity, 40s – 50s. Maggie is a strong-willed, rigid, and tough woman who is the younger sister of Uncle Jeb. She strongly resents the invading souls on Earth—-especially Wanda. Maggie wishes that Kyle and Ian had been successful in their attempt to kill Wanda. Though her anger toward Wanda eventually subsides, Maggie always maintains a chip on her shoulder toward her. PRINCIPLE ROLE 


Ian O’Shea, Caucasian, 18 – Mid 20s. Ian O’Shea is a clean-cut, charming, earnest, kind-hearted yet physically strong young man who falls in love with an alien soul named Wanda. Ian has a temperamental side to his personality and becomes furious when Wanda tries to leave him for Jared. But Ian also exudes a vulnerable and almost innocent side that he keeps hidden. He has vivid nightmares when he sleeps, and it is very difficult to awaken him from slumber. CO-STARRING ROLE

Jared Howe, any ethnicity, 20s – 30s. Jared is an adventurous, irreverent, cocky, and intelligent guy who is fighting for the rebel humans left on Earth. He is quite skilled at talking other people into doing almost anything. Jared and Melanie Stryder are deeply in love with each other, and he is enraged when Melanie is taken away from him by Wanda. Jared takes care of Melanie’s younger brother while she is gone. CO-STARRING ROLE

Eustace (aka “Doc”), any ethnicity, 30s – 40s. Eustace is a highly intelligent, talented, and dedicated doctor who provides constant medical attention to the rebel human beings. He tirelessly works in his office for hours at a time without leaving. Eustace is trying to figure out how exactly the Souls invaded Earth, and how he can remove a Soul from the human it is occupying. Despite his dedication, Eustace has developed a drinking problem as he tries to cope with the stress of his position. PRINCPLE ROLE

Uncle Jeb, Caucasian or mixed ethnicity, 40s – 50s. Uncle Jeb is an odd, semi-paranoid, emotionally unbalanced and disheveled middle-aged man who was the first to believe that Earth was being taken over by alien souls. Uncle Jeb has built a complex hideout in an underground cave system in Arizona. He now wears a thick and unruly beard. He maintains firm control of life in his caves and at times can seem to have wisdom. PRINCIPLE ROLE 

Source: Nextcat (Please go to the link for contact information.)

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  • Marjolaf21

    O…kay. Some of those character changes are … a bit strange.

    Jared, Doc, Uncle Jeb, Maggie and the Seeker are all pretty much on the spot, I think.

    Sharon, it seems to me, was merged with Lily. Which I can understand; I mean it seems logical to me to trim down the cast a little, whenever possible. It might even be an improvement; I always thought that her complete rejection of Wanda, even at the expense of her relationship with Doc, was a bit extreme. It made the Sharon/Doc ship a lot weaker, IMO.

    So that one change, I can get. But Pet … Pet has feelings for Ian? Pet, herself? Really? And Ian has nightmares? Where did that come from? Also, is anybody else surprised that Pet is concidered a co-starring role, and Kyle hardly gets a mention?

    And one last thing: Stephenie Meyer wrote the book. Andrew Niccol wrote the screenplay.

    Okay, I’m done for now. I need to find some salt.

  • So I’m guessing a Kyle O’Shea was found?? And is Ian Somerhalder still playing Ian O’Shea the older one?? OMGGG I cannot wait for this movie to come out!!

  • Magaray

    Good list.  However, I was disappointed that Uncle Jeb’s role was not given to Sam Elliott.  There is still hope. Host Fans….notice who is THE ONLY CONFIRMED CAST MEMBER….“The Host” will star Saoirse Ronan.   
    I love it.  Did Stephenie write the screen play?  She is really involved in this one.  It will be excellent.
    I have to agree with the observations from Marjolaf21.  I suspect the casting “description” is preliminary but certainly a departure from the book.  PET has 1 chapter in “The Host”.  However, keep in mind, she will star in “The Soul”.  Interesting.
    Can’t wait for more news.

  • Slone_222

    How do I apply for a role?

  • Mish.k.a

    I want Ian Somerhalder as ‘Ian’ and Jensen Ackles as ‘Jared’ so much!!!

  • Kayla miraglia

    I hope “The Host” will be as big a hit as the twilight series. I hope she writes another book of the host origin.

  • Eva

    when you look on youtube “the host stphenie meyer”you  found very good trailer fanmade and  the most actor are  Sophia Bush (Mel/Wanda) Jensen Ackles (Jeard) and Ian Somerhader (Ian) i think thats a very good buildup!!!

  • gogocat

    Where can I get more information about the casting call?
    That is if it’s not to late?

  • Mysticisle8

    I think, since they plan on making three movies, they’re casting the role of Pet is more for the BODY of Pet, but it’s Wanda inside, since Wanda would be in Pet’s body for the last two movies, right? So it would make sense that Pet’s body is in love with Ian…