Choose This: The Host Soundtrack

One of our readers here at The Host Movie News came up with the suggestion of starting a post about the soundtrack.  Given how popular the Twilight soundtracks are, I am going to assume The Host soundtrack may be as well.  Like with all of the Twilight books, Stephenie Meyer has a playlist for each of them.  She has one for The Host as well.  Below are her picks.

1. Soul Meets Body — Death Cab for Cutie
2. Papercut — Linkin Park
3. Futurism — Muse
4. I Wasn’t Prepared — Eisley
5. Walking After You — Foo Fighters
6. Down In It — Nine Inch Nails
7. Blood — Editors
8. Pts. of Athrty — Linkin Park
9. Fortress Around Your Heart — Sting
10. The Ghost of You — My Chemical Romance
11. Because I Want You — Placebo
12. Stockholm Syndrome — Muse
13. As You Are — Travis
14. Smile Like You Mean It — The Killers
15. Don’t Stay — Linkin Park
16. Just Like You — Three Days Grace
17. Consolation Prizes — Phoenix
18. My Name Is Love — Rob Dickinson
19. The Hand That Feeds — Nine Inch Nails
20. My Body is a Cage — Arcade Fire
21. Rescued — Jack’s Mannequin
22. Original of the Species — U2
23. The Last Song — All-American Rejects
24. Beautiful Day — U2

The soundtrack will probably end up being chosen after the film is shot, but I am sure you all have some opinions on songs that fit the mood of the book.  Comment on this post to suggest a great song and/or artist you would like to see in the film and on the soundtrack.

I did receive an email from an artist who loves The Host and wrote a song based on the book.  Her name is Czarina and her song is called “My Soul.”  The song is below.

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  • Susan

    I am no expert but I really like this song by Czarina and your songs by Muse are also good.  Just a grandma here but I love your book.

  • Bon

    Taking ChancesYup…Celine Dion…I just want to start again,And maybe you could show me how to try,And maybe you could take me in,Somewhere underneath your skin?What do you say to taking chances,What do you say to jumping off the edge?

  • Priya 1dt

    Across the line by linkin park

  • Lazybabii1493

    definitely linkin park-paper cut! it SO fits this book, and threedaysgrace-just like you!!!

  • Marjolaf21

    I may be wrong about this, but I think that the soundtrack of The Host won’t have a lot of songs, per say. From what I can see in a lot of movies, there is often a score, instrumental with pianos and orchestras, and maybe a few songs, during the credits, for exemple.

    There are a few exceptions, of course. All the movies of the Twilight saga come to mind. (Funny fact: Carter Burtwell, who composed the score for Twilight and both parts of Breaking Dawn, as previously worked with Andrew Niccol, on S1m0ne. Small world.)

    But I hope that The Host doesn’t become one of these exceptions. I think that a song-heavy soundtrack, especially well known, playing on the radio songs, would be distracting. Then again, that’s jsut my opinion.

    • OddBookieLady

      For the last paragraph of your comment: I LOVE YOU.
      But. I agree with the first part of what you said. There’s not gonna be a lot of room for much more than mood music if they’re actually gonna get the plot right. And a lot of songs would be distracting when someone starts crying, or, for example, when Wanda goes into mourning for the lost soul and mourns in silence…I think that would take approximately five seconds in the movie and that it wouldn’t have time for music more than an instrumental piece. Enough for her to sit in the corner and pull her knees up to her chest, two seconds to enjoy it, before a flashlight’s glare flashes across her face and they find her and Jeb brings her out and back to Jamie and Ian.
      All I want is for them to do it right. They finally came as close as one can with “Eclipse”….I want the same done for The Host. My heart will break if they don’t.

  • Ak Fonti

    ET lyrics are PERRRFECT! get the one without the kanye west in it >,< but everytime I hear that song I think of Wanda/er!

    • OddBookieLady

      Are You Out Of Your Mind.
      The only thing about that song that reminds me of the book is the title. “E.T.” DOES stand for “extraterrestrial.” But the song is all about sex. Every bit of the lyrics. And you would be crazy to consider it for more than two seconds, dude.

  • Lovedxemo

    God, I LOVE the song by Czarina. 

  • Lovedxemo

    Awake And Alive- Skillet would be a GREAT song for the soundtrack!

    • Lovedxemo

      One Day Too Late 
      Never Surrender -Both by SkilletGosh. A lot of Skillet songs remind me of this book. Lol. Its crazy!

  • Livingdeadgirl11

    I think paramore would be great and are certainly capable of an awesome song after decode. Their song “conspiracy” or “monster” would be very apt for the movie.

    • Sarah

      Well, Monster was for The Transformers soundtrack, so it would not be on The Host soundtrack. I do think Paramore would be a good choice. I love Decode.

  • Tiannashanks

    Goodbye by Avril Lavigne and also I Love You by Avril Lavigne…I think both songs fit nicely with the relationship between Wanda and Ian x

  • Tiannashanks

    4 real by avril lavigne for the moment that Wanda wonders how she’ll manage to say goodbye to Ian x

    • OddBookieLady

      I disagree.
      “I’m for real,/Are you for real?/I can’t help myself/It’s the way I feel.”
      I just don’t like the way that the chorus starts…I can see where you get the idea from, though, from the rest of it. Avril Lavigne would definitely be a good choice for this movie, though. If they could just leave the start of the chorus out of it…the rest of the song would be perfect, actually. I like it. 🙂

      “Cause it feel so right
      Just to have you standing by my side
      So don’t let me go,
      ‘Cause you have my SOUL
      And I just wanted to let you know

      I don’t wanna look back
      Cause I know that we have
      Something the past could never change
      And I’m stuck in the moment
      And my heart is open
      Tell me that you feel the same”

      Oh my gosh, I suddenly love this choice! 😀
      As long as they leave the start of the chorus out. 🙂

  • Lewlou15

    I like Imogen Heap’s song “hide and seek” for when Wanda realizes that she has to give melanie’s body back to her. There are some words in that song that would make it more powerful plus its kind of subdued which I think would fit the mood perfectly.

    • OddBookieLady

      I, personally, think that it would be too….edgy for most people to focus on the actual words and feeling of the song. I like it, don’t get me wrong! But just….not for that moment, I don’t think. I love Imogen Heap, I just don’t think that this song is the best choice for such a scene.

  • OddBookieLady

    I love this song! Her voice is incredible and I think it would be perfect for the movie–possibly for the end credits, if they can’t fit it anywhere else. This is PERFECT. I really hope it gets included.<3

  • kinda odd about the soundtrack as the music that is playing on the one i saw sounds exactly like the soundtrack from Tron – Legacy by Daft Punk. 

  • Megan

    Invasion by Eisley for sure

    The colorless words are burning our heelsAs the bright lights of the city fadeTaking the chase to curb our fearAs the bloodless moon casts its faceOoh, something’s not rightI can feel it insideSomething’s not rightYou would take the breath from my throatAnd you would take the cherished people that I holdAll in time you will be one of us painless, us blamelessGo to sleep, this wont hurt a bitShifting your shape to our shellsOoh, something’s not rightI can feel it insideSomething’s not rightYou would take the breath from my throatAnd you would take the cherished people that I holdAnd they will try to make us forget ourselvesOne by one, one by oneCall me crazy but they are after usOne by one, one by oneYou don’t have to know the truthIf you believe itI believe it, tooOoh, something’s not rightI can feel it insideSomething’s not rightYou would take the breath from my throatAnd you would take the cherished people that I hold

  • Tiara

    alien – tokio hotel

  • Dora Hoster

    Can someone please tell me what’s the name of the song from this trailer . Please <3
    I'm waking up or something like that?

    • If you check out our trailer post, we have it there. It is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

    • Bethika

      It’s called radioactive by imagine dragons- love it! Just downloaded it!!

  • TaylorSquared1D

    “Red” and “State Of Grace” by Taylor Swift

  • Popcorngrl

    Radioactive by Imagine Dragons definitely!!!! Please.:)

  • LuvTheHost

    Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia


    Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

  • Kelly

    Rescued by Jack’s Mannequin is a good song for Chapter 58: Finished, where Jared is supposedly lying to Wanda about staying.

  • wintusquaw

    Don’t know if any of you seen the fan made video for Ian and Wanda but they had the song If I by Ross Copperman And it is SOOO PERFECT for them!! What with the choose the song thing they are doing on the Host webpage . Just thought I’d share Oh and the person who made the video did a Great job!!