Saoisre Ronan Interviews with Sugarscape – Video

Sugarscape interviewed Saoirse Ronan as she promotes her film, Hanna, but also asked her to confirm her casting in The Host. Saoirse reported that nothing is concrete because they are still in talks, but she hopes things will work out. She also said she liked that the project would be different than Twilight, which I thought was interesting. Here’s the link for the video of the interview. She talks about The Host around 3:30. Enjoy! 🙂

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  •  I am trying to find out more about her on the web before I comment here. Can anyone direct me to a site about Saoirse Ronan?  How do you pronounce her name?

    • Johanna

      If you google her name, it’ll bring up her top fan sites with biographies and her list of projects, etc. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

    • Shelley McKeown

       it kinda sounds like sorsh-a, she’s from ireland, like me

      • Thanks. I thought that was how it sounded.

  • QueenAnnie-team..theotherJacob

    I am crossing my fingers she doesn’t get the part if they are looking at her to play Melanie.  she doesn’t look anything like what I think melanie should.  

    • Shelley McKeown


  • Sadieharden

    PLEASE tell me she isn’t playing Melanie… She doesn’t look how Melanie was described…

  • Taylor :)

    I REALLY hope they’re only considering her as Wanderer’s new body at the end of the book. PLEASE. Nothing against her, I actually quite like her acting and find her very talented, but there’s a certain look, a certain feel, to a character and she just…doesn’t seem to fit that…not even in Hanna did she seem to fit it all too comfortably, I just can’t wrap my head around it…

  • Meglupo18

    oh gosh she would not work at all as melanie. no no no no no….maybe as, i dunno. someone else 😛
     I really want that sophia bush to play her! shes the spittin image of Melanie.

  • Rougebaisers

    No doubt about it. Evan Rachel Wood is THE best person for the role of Melaine Stryder

  • Sunshine

    ok i just have to say after checking IMBD and getting a severe pouty face seeing her cast as Melanie….NOOOO 🙁 shes all wrong

  • Christina R1987

    I agree it’s a horrible damn choice.