Andrew Niccol Will Again Direct The Host

Andrew Niccol is back on to direct The Host.  He pulled out of directing when it conflicted with his other film, Now.  Apparently, things have changed.  Susanna White was previously attached to direct when Niccol pulled out.

In the same article, it mentions that Saoirse Ronan will be Melanie Stryder, yet the interviews that have been posted to this site seem to suggest otherwise.  It could have been locked down today.  Who knows?

The film is being marketed and sold at the Cannes Film Festival which is going on right now in France.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • JMT2cu

    I am very excited that he is back 🙂  I hope we begin to hear a lot of news soon 🙂 

  • Sia

    I’m excited about this too ! We need to liven things up already. Come on casting !!

  • Nicole

     I am so happy that Niccol is back as the director! I love all his movies, especially Gattaca. Who knows, maybe Ronan was waiting to finalize her contract until Niccol made a decision or she wanted to see the response of investors at the film festival. Personally, I’m waiting for Ronan or Meyer to confirm the Melanie rumors. Each time Ronan was asked, she said nothing was final (the last interview was on 5/11), and all the articles purporting the information as fact either do not list a source or merely list the Deadline article, which has no sources. Hopefully we will hear something definite after the Cannes Film Festival is over.