The Host Movie Adaptation Gets a New Director

Remember all those conflicting schedules with Andrew Niccol?  Well, The Host just got a new director in Susanna White.  This is coming straight from Variety, which is a very reputable source.  Variety says that White’s directorial debut was the Nanny McPhee sequel last year, but that is incorrect.  She has also directed two of my favorite Masterpiece Theatre miniseries, Bleak House and Jane Eyre.

It is interesting to note that the article categorizes the movie as an indie.  I don’t think so.  With a large Stephenie Meyer following, this will not be a little project or bring in small numbers at the box office.

Andrew Niccol is still the screenwriter.  Nick Wechsler will produce along with Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz.

Get excited people!  Casting will not be far away.

Thanks to @ashblog89 for alerting me.

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  • OMG new director? awesome Susanna White is a great britich director….surely she can make a good movie adaptation

  • Anonymous

    This will definitely be a huge movie! I can not wait!!

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  • Marjolaf21

    While I’m ure that The Host will generate a lot of money at the box office, I’ve got the feeling that the production budget is, well, not ‘Blockbuster’ big. Nick Wechsler and Chockstone pictures aren’t Universal or Paramount, after all. The fact that the news made a point of saying that the producers bought the movie rights “with their own money” also does not inspire confidence in the budget.

    I would put The Host either at the very high end of an ‘indie’ production, or at the very low end of a ‘blockbuster’. There must be some kind of label between the two.

    • Good point. I don’t think it will need a huge budget considering the better part of the movie takes place in an underground cave. I am hoping for some lesser-known faces in the cast, as a lot of people have already suggested, that will not ask millions for their fee.

    • I’m pretty sure that what I’ve heard is that there picking the cast and director but selling the movie to a bigger company. And that a lot of studios want to pick it up.

  • Melanie :)

    wow!! Can’t wait to see the movie!!! Or read the other books, is there any news about Stephanie writing the other two? And I so wish I could audition for the movie, but it’s just too far away 🙁 tbh, I only started reading the novel because the main character had the same name as me, but I’m completely hooked now!! Could not put that book down!!

  • I just hope she doesn’t mess it up ! But I’m glad Andrew wrote the screenplay.

  • Annem_919

    I’m very excited to read some activity on the movie front! Really looking forward to this movie, and who will be cast!

  • Julie

    Finally! hopefully this means things will start moving along soon. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome!

  • Teresadeniseginger

    Cross my fingers, and hope they pick good actors. not some B movies ones. I so Loved this Book and hope for another one to come out. It seems like the wait has been forever..

    • karoline

      I agree. I really hope they pick some good actors and not someone who dont fit the caractar at all. I absoluty LOVE and Adore this book and cant wait for the movie to come oute, but it would be shame if the actors dont fits the caracter. I`m not agree Ian Somerhalder as Ian cuz i alway saw him much bigger in my mind. And Ian must be perfect, i just cant se Ian Somerhalder a Ian in my mind. I think that would ruin the movie…

  • suzippin

    She will be great!! Let’s get this movie on the screen! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Alice


  • Alice


  • Alice

    if you guys jack up this movie i’ll kill you all HEHEHEHEHE!! jk but i’ll be seriously pissed. 😉

  • Alice


  • Alice


  • Jodi

    Ian Somerhalder!!!!

  • Jen

    I say Ian!!!!!! Love him!

  • Hillsfamilyrules902

    I am in love with Ian Somerhalder. He so should be in movies. I thing he’d be awesome as Ian!

  • Ian Somerhalder as Ian! OMG, yeeaah! haha xxx

  • Miranora

    I’ll wait this movie…

  • Kira

    I loveeed this book!!!! would love to see Jenson Ackles in this film, hes hot enough to be Ian

  • Karoline


  • I loved the book, can’t wait for the movie.

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  • Xoxhumnaxx

    Ian Somerhalder!

  • Allie

    Saoris Ronan (however uoi spell it.. the girl from”hannaa’ and “the lovely bones’) is cast as Melanie and that is the only official cast member. It is rumored that Eric Fellows will be Ian but thats from some random fansite linked to her official site so… Like i said…. Its rumored. Saorise Ronan is official … Eric Fellows ISNT. So if he isnt cast dont come to my door with lit torches and pitch forks.

    • Edwardbellaluv4ever

      I will probably not see the movie if that rumor is true. 
      i want A list actors. 

  • Allie

    AND The Host movie is set to come out Easter weekend in like 2012. Or maybe it wa 2013…… Nope im pretty sure it was 2012. AND onemore thing. DO NOT FREAK OUT BECAUSE SAORISE IS BLONDE AND PALE!! THEY WILL DYE HER HAIR AND GIVE HER A TAN!! THEY DID IT TO JENNIFER LAWENCE AS KATTNISS IN HUNGER GAMES THEY WILL DO IT FOR THE HOST!!!!

  • Allie

    AHH DAMN!!!! i guess it was 2013… 

  • Pisces6990

    I think Hilary Swank would make a great Melanie!

  • Pisces6990

    Sam Worthington  for Ian or Jared, I’m thinking Ian!

  • Edwardbellaluv4ever

    Spread the word….The Hemsworth Brothers as Ian and Kyle (Liam and Chris respectively)

    I’m sorry but Ian Somerhalder is WAY to old for Ian and way way way to intense looking (the eyebrows scare me and he looks like a douchebag ALL the time) 

    The Hemsworth brothers are handsome but humble looking. I think Garrett Hedlund as Jared would be amazing. 

    but again, HEMSWORTH BROTHERS!

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be a great movie.  I can’t wait till it comes out.

  • Leanna

    What about Jared??? shouldnt he be like the hottest guy ever?? who cares about Ian…..

  • Janeeto3

    Chris hemsworth as  kyle and Liam Hemsworth Ian
    Hayden Panettiere as Pet
    megan fox or Vanessa Hudgens as melanie/wanda
    maggie/susan serandon
    uncle jeb/ sam elliot
    sharon/Alyson Hannigan or amy adams
    Brad Pitt at Jared

  • Viddy.

    OH god. I actually LIKED this book so I hope they don’t screw up! 
    and HELL NO to ian somerhalder- way too old and not quite as good looking : besides he has his own show…though i’m willing to over look that fact for someone like jensen ackles as jared?

    actually no- I just want a good looking cast THAT CAN ACT and is not super famous and not attached already to another famous movie/tv show. 
    let’s keep it fresh 🙂

  • Leanna

    found jared!! Alex Pettyfer…yummy

  • As long as they dont make the same mistake of casting a pretty young girl who can NOT act or show any range of emotion other than -_- I will love it… This is one of my FAVORITE BOOKS of all time please have GOOD casting in this one.  AND DONT SKIP THE GOOD PARTS LIKE THEY DID THE SORRY EXCUSE FOR TWILIGHT MOVIES!