Cast This: Uncle Jeb, Your Picks

After two months of taking suggestions on who would be your choice for Uncle Jeb in The Host, I thought I would finally tally up the votes and give the results.  There was one clear winner, Sam Elliot.

The runner-up was Jeff Bridges, who I like for the role.  Good suggestion.

The other picks that garnered a few votes are Kris Kristofferson, Jim Beaver, Robin Williams (yes, please), . . .

Bill Murray (love this one, too), and Willie Nelson.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the original post and added in your choice.  Feel free to comment on this post if you like the winner(s).  Which character should have the next Cast This post?

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  • Anonymous

    I think Jeff Bridges and Willie Nelson are the best choices here!!! I would love to see either of them as Uncle Jeb, its killin me having to wait to find out who will be cast in this movie!!

  • Jadedrgn

    I wonder why no one said Mark Harmon . . . he is an awesome actor and I think would be a great Uncle Jeb

  • Worked for me has been really nice sharing

  • Army Babe86

    willie nelson!! would be great

  • Suzip44

    OMG, I have racked my brain over this and never thought of Willie Nelson!! It has to be him. Sam Elliott could really do it but Willie would really be perfect. Now I can’t see anyone else but him. It is the way he is written in the book. Uncle Jeb is Willie Nelson!

  • ninja

    same elliot is perfect!!!!

  • Gina

    There is only one person that IS Jeb to me. Crazy lovable hick Randy Quaid.

    • suzippin

      Gina, Randy Quaid is a really good idea! Didn’t think of him but he would be great!

      • Teresadeniseginger

        randy would be good but not a big money draw.. I’m just saying. want to make the big bucks stick with jeff B 

  • Rjanice0977

    Willie Nelson, Sam Elliot, and Kris Kristofferson are actually buddies which is funny! I like all of them but Sam Elliot is my man lol!

  • Jenn

    Sam Elliott is a wonderful actor! He would be perfect.

  • Vann9

    Sam Elliot was my FIRST and ONLY choice for Uncle Jeb. It would be great if they choose him for the movie.

    Loved your website by the way =)

  • Vann9

    This is the video of my dream cast, including Mr. Sam Elliot of course =)

  • Annemrd63

    I’d love to see most any of the actors mentioned play Uncle Jeb…but truth is they’ll probably cast a bunch of mostly unknowns like they did for Twilight Saga.

  • Alexhegh

    I imagined willie nelson when i read the book.. absolutely perfect for it

  • Sherene

    Sam Elliott, Kris Kristofferson or Jeff Bridges all great choices.. a bit rough around the edges and definitely men that would be in charge. Perfect for the role of Jeb.

  • Keddy_kat


  • Skat

    Sam neil

  • Wilwarin

    I agree 100% that Sam Elliot would be great for the part! He’s got that serious, yet relaxed and humorous style to him. Love, love, LOVE him for the part 🙂

  • rosayyx3

    no Robin Williams, sorry bud. I love Jeff Bridgess!

  • Baileyrox

    Jeff Bridges!

  • Kira

    kris kristofferson is the perfect uncle Jeb. He has the stubborness and strength that uncle Jeb has

  • I think that jeff bridges would make a better Uncle jeb because Jeff looks tough plus he has a sense of humor like uncle jeb..

  • Teresadeniseginger

    any one of these would be great but Jeff B. wow what an actor. I wonder if he  would even do it. Sam another great on. I could could robin w. jed has a funny side to him. 

  • Squint2wink

    Sam Elliot. I also like Tom Friendly even though he’s not on the list. Next would be Kris Kristofferson.

  • H C Fisher

    Considering they are so far going with a younger cast, I’d have to say Jim Beaver.  It would be great to get an A-lister like Jeff Bridges but he would cost a lot.  They should stick to up-and-comers, known but not well-known & use their money on the making of the film/special effects.

  • Jillg2003

    either willie nelson or jeff bridges, i kind of picuterd jeff though

  • Priscila

    Definetly Sam Elliott!!!!! I Saw him in my mind while i was readind The host!!!!!

  • syd

    i think Ian Somerhalder should play Ian O’shea!!

  • Erin

    sam elliot is perfect almost

    • Schoolbuzz

      almost he’s got it in the bag.

  • Kaitlinc8

    Jim Beaver is who I’ve always imagined. 

  • Lexiesky

    Sam Elliot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all those guys are well known, why not cast some one, as impressive, only known a little bit, and with as much of a fantastic track record, ok, relax!  Lance Henriksen and why not ! ?   

  • I like all these guys, sure, I like Sam, as  much as anyone reading this. I can only wish for some one else, and wait like the rest of you, to be surprised.  Here’s a suggestion, because we all want one or the other, keep the actor chosen as a secret, for us who think we know who it will be, a contest?

  • Magaray

    Sam Elliot is Uncle Jeb.  Good call. 

  • Danielle

    sam would be a GREAT fit

  • Sky

    Sorry but Sam Elliot doesn’t have the humor or the spark Uncle Jeb needs. I always saw Robert Duvall in that part. If he is too old I think Jeff Bridges would be great.

  • Willie Nelson! No one else could ever pull it off really.

  • A_siebert6

    SAM SAM SAM no other choice.

  • robsgal80

    sam elliot is perfect.

  • Schoolbuzz

    sam elliot or jeff bridges

  • Barc

    Sam Elliot Would be PERFECT for this role!

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  • Vjtabourne

    Jeff Bridges!