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  • Myssjo_23b

    Sorry for prior posting in comments—looks like we have a “Jared”.
    Full cast and crew for
    The Host (2011) More at IMDbPro »
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    Directed by
    Andrew Niccol

    Writing credits
    (in alphabetical order)
    Stephenie Meyer novel “The Host”
    Stephenie Meyer story
    Andrew Niccol screenplay


    Brody emerson … Jared Howe

    Erik Fellows … Ian O’Shea (rumored) (uncredited)

    • Rougebaisers

      Surely you jest. Brody Emerson Jared? Beyond laughable. Erik I could see but never Brody. Come on Jared is more a Hugh Jackman type human.

    • Chachie1500

      umm… this Brody kid has blue eyes. Jared’s eyes are brown.

  • Lydia

    Hey, I just want to say please listen to the song ‘devastation and reform’ by relient k. Don’t you agree it’s perfect for the movie, and I think it should be the movie track 🙂

  • guest

    Anybody know when this movie is supposed to be done?

  • Sparkyy1996

    When is the movie or trailer out?
    I’ve been waiting AGES!! xD

  • I am trying to find out when this is coming out. It seems I have been waiting and hearing no real news. How is it going?????

  • Looking for some new news about when this movie is coming out. How far has it gotten? When??

  • Georgiiia

    can you post on here – the cast list pleaseeesss

  • alemoignan

    omg you people need to post. there is absolutely no news on the host. theres no other websites either!!! whats going on?

    • Nothing.  That’s why we have not posted anything recently.  If there is news on the movie, it will be on this site.  Thanks for finding us 🙂

  • Rougebaisers

    WHO indeed will play Melanie Stryder and WHO will play Wanda? There IS a need for two.

    • The only way to do it with two is if you got twins that have very different personalities. Maybe Mary Kate and Ashley are available, LOL.

      • You know what. I was just kidding but that may not be a bad idea. They look enough alike to play the same person but one of them does look a little more innocent than the other (I don’t know which is which, LOL).

  • Brigitte

    Saoirse Ronan would be good for Wanda, NOT Melanie. She seems too young and innocent whereas Melanie’s character deserves more. A Perfect Melanie would be Missy Peregrym, as an example. She would fit in better to the more athletic aspect of Melanie’s character. I would be so disappointed if Melanie was portrayed by Saoirse, as good as an actress she is, doesnt have the Melanie factor. More of the kind innocent Wanda character at the end.

  • william reynolds

    I live in Atlanta. Is all of the casting done for The Host?
    My email address is

  • Saga254

    I think that Saoirse would make a good Wanda,  NOT Melanie!  She’s too young looking.  She doesn’t have the Melanie factor…. I just don’t see her as Melanie.

  • Priscila

    Stephenie  you´re the Best writter ever!!! Love you!!!

  • Who do you see playing Ian and Jamie?

  • My vote for Melanie/Wanda is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen…. seriously.

  • emily

    i think that these people should be the people casted…
    Ian-Ian Somerhalder
    Melanie/Wanda-Sophia Bush
    Wanda-Sara Paxton
    Kyle-should be black haired like ian
    I don’t  have any suggestions for the others though 🙂

  • LuciKoe

    I just read that Stephanie Meyer said 2008 (!) that the second book of “the host” called “the soul” was almost finished. Why wasn’t it published by now?? And what about th third book “the seeker”???????

  • Rfrance

    First. I am REALLY Skeptical about The Host even going to Hollywood. Looking at this site I have seen who is to play Melanie and I’m alright with it. But. . Jared had better be a muscular man and not a skinny young guy. Someone like Jensen Ackles would work. The Host is for a more adult audience than The Twilight Saga was. There is a different feel and vibe all together. Just please. . . please do right by the audience. 

  • Aefakem

    IAN: CHRIS PRATT?? (aka Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec)
    has anyone considered Chris Pratt for the role of Ian O’shea? I believe he and Kyle were described as being large, and Chris is certainly very tall and not scrawny! Honestly he is the closest I’ve come to matching  my mental image of Ian, and I was just wondering if anyone else felt similarly. The hardest step would be finding him a brother.

    oh. and JENSEN ACKLES FOR JARED… obviously… I love Jared Padalecki almost as much but he doesn’t have the acting abilities to pull of emotional variety.

  • Carson Brista

    Is there going to be any auditions for this movie? If so when and where?

  • Tyler Crews

    This guy would look good as Jamie

  • Bambina9695

    Jake Abel as Ian is not a very good choice please pick more fitting people! Saoirse  is not even close to how I pictured Melanie and Jared needs to be some one more tan and muscular than Max Iron! I’m a big fan of The Host I’ve read it 15 times and I read it still please pick more suitable actors for this movie thank you and goodbye!

  • Carlosjcom

    this song for the movie!…if the book was a song…it ill be this one

  • Sylturner66

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE……. re-think the cast, not to belittle any of the actors at all but I do believe you have them cast in the wrong roles…..And the perfect actor for the seeker would be…….Lynda Hunt who plays Hettie in NCIS LA seriously guys she is exactly who i picture each time I read the book, keep working on it and keep us updated we need more info……Thanx

    • Anonymous

      I always picture “Mindy from the network” from the movie “Bolt” when I picture The Seeker! Lol

  • Guest

    Dear Stephenie Meyer,


    I don’t know if it is
    the fact that we have the same names, that our fathers have the same names, or
    I am just completely intrigued with you’re writing, but I feel a deep
    connection with most of the characters you create.

    However, I feel a
    much, much stronger connection and pull to the characters in your novel, The Host. I relate to Melanie and Wanderer
    to no end and consequently do not want the book to ever end. I have become so
    absorbed in the book that I am trying to drag out the reading process so that I
    won’t be as upset when it’s finished. And yet I still find my fingers reaching
    for the book as I am trying to limit my reading. I would give almost anything
    to be Wanderer or Melanie instead of myself any day for the pure thrill, love,
    family, and struggle that lies in the pages of this novel.

    Additionally, I am
    just about willing to do anything for you to be able to be part of the creation
    of this film. What I want more than anything I’ve ever wanted before is to be
    able to act the part of Wanderer and Melanie. I am good at being quite, good at
    looking scared, at yelling, at reading, at telling stories, at following
    directions. I wish that someone would meet with me and hear me out and give me
    a chance – I’m willing to do the role for free. All I want is the experience,
    the chance to be a part of something this big. I really just don’t want the
    story to end for me. I feel as if I’m a part of the book now and I don’t want
    to lose that. Being in the film would mean that I would never lose myself from
    the novel, that I would forever be connected. Even playing a small role which I
    do not want would be better than watching it be made and having no part at all
    in the process.

    When I saw that person
    to play Melanie/Wanderer had been chosen already, before I got my chance to say
    anything, my heart instantly dropped and my stomach caved in. I already feel an
    emptiness that I will not get the chance to fill, all my hope ripped away. Even
    if I had not been chosen to play the part, I would have been happy knowing I
    tried and they/you chose someone else. However, now I do not even get the
    chance, for the actress has already been chosen.

    I would still do
    anything you would like to get that role. And on top of doing anything you
    would like, I would also play the role for no money at all, completely free.
    Movies need fresh faces sometimes, new actresses, and I think I can do an
    outstanding job. Like I said, I’m good at following directions. At the very
    least I would love to meet with you or the people running the production and
    filming of The Host.

    I’m very small. I have
    long, straight brown hair. I have hazel eyes. Like Melanie, I tan easily. I am
    very good at storytelling and speaking. And I am beyond resilient and strong. I
    truly am perfect for the role, more perfect than the girl chosen for the part.
    They clearly did not have Melanie in mind when they chose her, which makes it
    tougher for me to accept the fact that the cast has already been chosen. This
    girl is not anything like how you described Melanie. I swear I would be perfect
    for the role, although that kind of makes it seem like I wouldn’t. But would it
    really hurt to meet with me and see if I have the ability to play the character
    you dreamed up?

    Anyhow, you are an
    extremely talented writer, although you already know that. Because of this, you
    have created a character that has changed my view on life and reminds me of
    myself in extraordinary ways. Please give me a chance to play the part in the
    most amazing way it can possibly be played. Give me a chance to keep this bond,
    this dream of mine alive.



    • Anonymous

      Wow. I agree that Saorise is not the right choice for Mel. I do however feel that you may need to take up some yoga, meditation, or read some Deepak Chopra. I am sure you are a lovely person. did you ever think to take a creative writing class and put the inspiration you have received from Stephenie Meyer in a novel of your own?

  • Lena

    The funny thing is, Wanda is an “Alien” therefore cannot be portrayed as a human such as Saoirse. I am looking forward to finally seeing some good acting done in Stephenie Meyer’s film adaptations. Saoirse will make an excellent Melanie/Wanda whereas Kirsten always looked like she was either in pain or terribly bored, and Robert is just ugly. But I am here to say that no matter how much we complain. We are not the rich and famous and we don’t get to pick the actors or actresses. They never really listen to their fans. Some may…but rarely heed our advice…why? Because we will see the movie anyway.  

  • Anonymous

    I just need it to be known that the song “No Light” by Florence And The Machine needs to play in the movie while Ian is waiting for Wanderer/Pet to come back to him. It would be perfect!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jensen Ackles as Jared would have been a better choice ans James Mardsen for Ian if he hulked up. Jensen Ackles real life wife, Daneel actually has the perfect Mel look…I don’t know how good of an actress she is though. Oh well! Hopefully the cast that was chosen lives up to the expectations of avid HOST fans!!!

  • Anita Bermeitinger

    I just can’t wait for the host movie!! I love your website and I’m following the news here every time. I’m so excited. I hope Saoirse will get darker hair… But she is playing really well, so I think she’s a good choice.

  • Budd

    I hope that the descriptions of the caracter in the book is driving the selection of the actors in this movie.  so far it looks more like the rugged facture has been left out.  I have great home for this film and the follow potentials of a second/third book and movie.

  • Xx

    Today there was an interview with Diane Krüger with a local Radio (1Live) when she was at the Berlinale. She talk about the New Film Adaptation of Twilightauthor Stephenie Meyer called The Host. She didn’t say much but sound very excited 😀 xx greetings from germany

  • Jenleonhardt

    Alien by Thriving Ivory was MADE for this movie. The lyrics match the story almost perfectly…someone needs to tell the music director for the movie!!!

  • Kartkaska

    pz change Ian! I think that Ian Somerhalder will be better:) Just a thought

  • Lizzie

    I made this so you can see all the official cast (so far) together! Hope you like it!!

  • Now that the base filming is almost finished, I know that editing will be going on, but that won’t take very long to complete. I wonder if there will be any CGI or computer-generated imagery created for the movie and if so which company will be doing it. I hate having to wait but…

  • AmyB

    if there is ever any roles that need filling or even some extra work in the future I have studied performing arts acting in college and would be happy to fill any role email me for more information at

    • lilawlerz

      ok, first amy b, this is an a list movie.  they are gonna hire pplz with experience, not fresh out of college. not to say i could do any better, cuz im barely in high school, and good for your for being an actress, but still…

  • Yves_gallant
  • Abby Rosu

    I can’t wait until the movie!! I’m currently reading the book, but I’ll finish it in a matter of 2 days. I can’t wait until March ’13 for the movie!! Haha. I also read the twilight saga and the short second life of bree tanner..hopefully the movie will be worth it? 🙂

  • Kevin

    does anyone know who is playing pet? wanda’s 2nd body?

  • They said who’s goimg to play Aaron, it’s Lee Hardee.

  • Smiley41412

    Please stop complaining about the casting choices for Melanie, Jared, and Ian! I personally think they’re great and if you think they don’t fit the part stop complaining because you can’t change anything. Plus Stephanie Meyer had a part in choosing the actors so they must have lived up to what she imagined in her head.

  • lilawlerz

    urg! whoever plays jared is waaaay off! first that actor looks 22, and jared is supposed to be 36! jensen ackles wudd be good, or at least better. i think melanie and jaime are close enough. ian, too.  who is pet/wanda? and shuddnt everyone be tanner?

    • wintusquaw

      I may be wrong But i believe Jared is 26 not 36. I have it on audiobook so i can’t look it up. Also for the most part aren’t they in a cave so how can they be tan…unless they get tan from the mirrors?

  • Merel

    Hey, I really love youre site, but I wonderd if you could also post some things about catching fire? Because I think, than when you love the Host, you must also love the hungergames trilogy, or is that just me? 🙂 thanks, Merel from the Netherlands

  • Tiara

    what do you guys think about this song for the movie?

  • devamma
    • I believe we already covered this article when the whole INC thing first happened.

  • Nightowllady27

    I’m curious to know who will be playing petals open to the moon (pet) aka wanda’s future body.

  • La huésped México

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  • Abbie Owen

    Does anyone know whether they will be doing advanced screenings for The Host in the UK?

  • lilawlerz

    oops sorry person i said 36. i meant 26! Jared is 26!

  • MelJared

    hello , I follow this website but i have a question when have you seen the film of the host ?

  • Jana

    Do you have any info on where Max and Jake will be in San Francisco tomorrow. I know they will be here just not where? So frustrating!

  • Becky

    It seem The Host is unfortunately coming out in limited release… 🙁 The closest theater to me is 123 miles away! Will it be opening broader in a few weeks?

  • You sould post Jake’s music black magic by The Mumblers it has a great sound. I really enjoyed it and you might to.

  • jules

    Just to say The Host DVD is now available for pre-order from Amazon in UK. Mine ordered!

  • MaxIrons#1fan:)

    I love the book and movie!!! But I can’t seem to find any where any real firm answer of whether or not there will be a second book or maybe even a second move. Yes the movie ended well and could end there if it wanted but…. I’ve grown very attached and I would be so happy to see Melanie and Jared again since the it seemed to focus more on Wanda and Ian. Don’t get me wrong I loved watching them all but it could grow from that and become so much better! You could build so much off of it and go many directions. I hope I get to see all of these actors together again if I could get an answer that would be great!