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DVD Extra: Meyer and the Actors Talk Chemistry

ETOnline reported on one of the bonus features of the newly released Blu-ray Combo Pack. In this behind the scenes featurette, Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, and Max Irons talk about the chemistry between the three lead actors. Stephenie: “It became … Continue reading

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Johanna’s ‘The Host’ Review: Not the Novel, but Still Well Worth Your Time

        This past May has marked two years since I came on as co-author of this site. They have been an exciting two years to say the least, and have culminated in what I would call a … Continue reading

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Ronan Talks ‘The Host’ and Other Films

Nathan Ligon, from and TYFW interviewed Saoirse Ronan (Melanie) about the slew of films she has recently or soon will be starring in. These include our own ‘The Host’, ‘Byzantium’, ‘Violet and Daisy’, and ‘How to Catch a Monster’ … Continue reading

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Irons Considered Sabotaging a Scene in the Film

Irons revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he wasn’t sure how he felt about having the scene in the film where Jared hits Wanderer (in Melanie’s body) when she is first brought to the caves. He talks about how he … Continue reading

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‘The Host’ Costume Designer Offers Insight into the Film’s Clothing Intricacies

Erin Benach, the costume designer for ‘The Host’ and the catalyst for changing the Seekers to white outfits in contrast to the black worn in the novel, shared with The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly about her journey on this … Continue reading

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