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The Host Movie News began on Twitter in September 2009, and the website began in July 2010.   The staff here is determined to be the best resource for news about the novel The Host by Stephenie Meyer becoming a film.

If you have any tips, links, photos that you would like to send us about the project, please send us an email at thmtwitter [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can also post to our Facebook page or send us a tweet.  We will always credit you for anything we use.

This is not the official website, Twitter account, or Facebook account for The Host film.  We are not Stephenie Meyer and we are not involved in the production of the film.  We are simply fans who are excited about the project.

Staff:  Sarah – Owner/Writer, Johanna – Writer

  • Hi!! Please join my website, although it’s not very great. 🙂 By the way, I like your website, and I am in LOVE with The Host!! <3

  • Myssjo_23b

    Full cast and crew for
    The Host (2011) More at IMDbPro »
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    Directed by
    Andrew Niccol

    Writing credits
    (in alphabetical order)
    Stephenie Meyer novel “The Host”
    Stephenie Meyer story
    Andrew Niccol screenplay


    Brody emerson … Jared Howe

    Erik Fellows … Ian O’Shea (rumored) (uncredited)

  • Insurgere

    You need a facebook account!

  • vskye11

    when is this movie coming out???

    • lilawlerz

      march 2013. i forget the day. the 19th??

  • Bluemissgreen

    Your awsome sarah. Keep up the great work. Love the site love the book!

  • Jdfan20167

    I’m so excited! I didn’t even know that this movie or book existed! I am extremely ashamed because of the fact that I am  a HUGE Twilight fan! This is so incredible:)

  • lilawlerz

    omg. when i found out there was gonna be a movie, like 20 minutes ago, i immediatly googled it and came here. and while i was reading, i thought ” oh. now i understand how twilight fans felt when they found out there was going to be a movie!” this is soooo awesome!!!!!!!

  • lilawlerz

    is there a “the host movie” website yet?

  • TaylorSquared1D

    Amazing website! Thank you so much for doing this! Keep up the good work! Hope you get noticed by Stephenie Meyer!!

    • Thanks so much for coming to this little site of ours and enjoying the content. Yup, we hope she does too.

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    Can you all Hosters please follow my Tumblr blog of The Host? jaredianwandamelanie.tumblr.com
    Thanks 🙂