Stephenie Meyer Comments on the Poor Reviews and Box Office for ‘The Host’

Stephenie Meyer Austenland

Recently at the premiere for Stephenie Meyer-produced film, Austenland, she comments on the dismal box office returns and poor reviews that The Host received.  This is the first time that we have really heard anything from anyone involved in the film about how bad it did.

“The sad thing is The Host got punished for Twilight,” says Meyer. “There was such a stigma from Twilight. And because I had done The Host, it got trashed in the reviews. We got kicked around for Twilight.”

“The reviews are not reflective of the film itself,” she adds of The Host.

Furthermore . . .

But Meyer says she has taken solace watching The Host pick up since it’s been released on iTunes.

“People are going onto iTunes and asking, ‘Why are the reviews of the movie so bad, the movie is really good,’ ” says Meyer.

I don’t think it got trashed simply because it was related to Stephenie Meyer and Twilight.  If it was an outstanding film, critics would have to give the whole production the credit it deserved.  To each his own.  I am sure this is not deterring her from writing the second novel, which she apparently is already working on now.  Whether we will see a follow-up film, that is still up in the air.  At the premiere of The Host, one of the producers was dead set on making the second book into a film, but I do not think anyone was expecting it to do so bad.

Source: USA Today

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  • Lynne Stringer

    Yeah, I disagree with her comments as well. I loved Twilight, both movies and books, and I loved the novel of The Host. There was every reason for me to like The Host. But I didn’t. Why? Because the movie, as far as I was concerned, just didn’t work.

  • stupidshiny

    Yes I have to agree with Lynne Stringer. I enjoyed the movie but I didn’t love it and I think it was because I just didn’t get ‘Melanie’ from Saorise Ronan. She fell a bit flat for me, Mel in the book was fiery and gutsy and she came across as a bit meek and mild in the film. I still enjoyed it as a whole but it could have been ‘more’.

  • Tammy

    I think if the reviews had been lukewarm, I would agree with the above comments. But the vitriol with which the movie was received by critics was very, very odd. Entertainment Weekly gave it an “F.” Is The Host really a worse movie than Fast & Furious 17? This wasn’t The Troll 2. The vehemence of the hatred definitely seemed to echo the response to Twilight (which was better reviewed (though not kindly reviewed, definitely), and not as good a production as The Host in my opinion.

  • Lizzy

    I have to agree with Tammy about the way The Host was received by the critics. I think it may be because this little Mormon housewife with no movie or writing background, wrote these bestselling books that were turned into a blockbuster movie franchise that a lot of people loved to the point of seeing it multiple times. She’s the woman they love to hate. It’s not cool to be a critic and say you liked/loved a Stephenie Meyer film. I really liked The Host. Did I think it was perfect … no. Was it my favorite film … no. But I liked it. I thought the director/writer did an amazing job of condensing a huge book into about 100 pages of script. If I were giving it a grade it would have been a solid B. I would have liked to see them film a sequel to The Host, but I think the chances of that are next to none, especially since a sequel has not yet been published. SM has made statements in the past that after The Host came out, she would go back to writing the next book in the series. However in a very recent article in Variety, she was asked point blank what she was writing and she said simply … “I’m kind of decompressing and figuring that out.” That was it. So has she finished the sequel, or put it aside like Midnight Sun never to see the light of day, or decided to just produce movies? Truly, I don’t believe SM ever thought The Host would be the blockbuster The Twilight Saga was. But I don’t think she expected so much apathy from her loyal Twilight fan base. She probably expected The Host would make $100 million dollars, not the half billion Breaking Dawn brought it. Instead it made only $48 million dollars, just a little more than its production budget. I’m sure despite her brave face, she was very disappointed..

  • Ed

    I agree with Tammy and Lizzy, at least in part. Many of the so-called “professional” critics’ remarks were nasty, snide and vindictive. If a critic doesn’t like a film and wishes to give it a bad review, then if they provide a convincing analysis of why they think the film was poor, I will respect that, even if I disagree. But most didn’t, simply falling back on what was little more than abuse, and misinformed abuse at that. Some of the errors of fact in the “reviews” were startling. Which is why my respect for the whole damn lot of them (film-critics), tenuous before, is non-existent now.

    And it’s not just film-critics either. There is a lynch mob out there trolling discussion boards and the like, making unpleasant remarks about anything remotely connected with Stephenie Meyer. Just look at some of the customer reviews on places like Amazon for the film Snow White and the Huntsman, and Kristen Stewart’s performance as Snow White in particular. Whether one thinks Kristen Stewart’s performance as Snow White was a good one or not – and I think it was fine – doesn’t justify the bile that some people come out with.

    This whole episode has left me with a bad taste in my mouth, but it had a positive outcome for me at least. I read The Host about 3 years ago, having never heard of Stephenie Meyer or the Twilight series before. I was entranced by the book, so entranced that I looked up what Twilight was all about (the book series was referenced on the front cover), but discovering that Twilight was “teen vampire romance” I decided at that time, as a late middle-aged male, to give it a miss.

    Then the film of The Host came out. In my view it misses a lot of the richness of the book, but it’s not at all a bad film in its own right – one I would give 4 out of 5 stars for. I was so bewildered by the contrast between my experience of the film and that of the critics that I started taking more notice of all the discussion about The Host, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight and related matters that’s out there on the internet.

    I was so nauseated by the anti-Stephanie Meyer hate and the allegations that she is a bad writer (on the evidence of The Host, she isn’t, in my opinion) that I decided to read the Twilight series for myself and make up my own mind. My experiecne was that it is not as well written as The Host, but certainly not badly written and considering it pre-dates The Host I don’t see that as a problem. I was able to pass lightly over the teen angst and enjoy the story and the frequent wit in the narrative. Ditto the films which I then watched. The whole premise of a vegetarian vampire falling in love with a human might be a bit barmy, but the books and films entertained me and that’s all I ask for.

    No justification for prejudiced hate. I guess some people are motivated by envy.

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  • goldushapple

    I’ve probably read all the negative reviews for this movie, which is like 95% of all the reviews, and I must say that one thing that kept popping up: the mentioning of Twilight. Not just as a “the author of this adaption also penned Twilight,” but in a way that it really clouded their judgement when they reviewed The Host.

    I’m not saying that they had to like it, but actually reading their reviews really gave no substance to why they thought it was bad. The things they did write about could’ve been said about any romance and it just came across as bitter and irritated, like they had better things to do,

    It’s quite obvious that they really didn’t give the movie a chance (read: throw away the fact that the author is the same person that wrote Twilight).

    >>. If it was an outstanding film, critics would have to give the whole production the credit it deserved. To each his own.

    But even if it were merely mediocre, did it really deserve it’s trashing? It may not have been outstanding, but it’s hard to say that Meyer’s words don’t have a grain of truth and insight to them. The Host movie was trashed/raped/skewered/butchered. That much is fact.

    The critics, clear as day, indirectly said “Go away Meyer. Every piece of you. This is our warning.”

  • Tris

    I read most reviews on the Host, and when like 95% of the critics does not even get the story right, something is up.