‘The Host’ Exceeds Its Budget at the Box Office

Saoirse Max Melanie Jared Official Still

The Host has officially exceeded its $40 million budget at the box office!  This is thanks to the international portion of the box office which now sits at $21,600,000.  The total box office for US and international is now $41,971,752.

Thanks to Russia, Australia, Brazil, Spain, and the U.K. who have the highest international box office numbers.  You can see what your country brought in here.

Thanks to a couple of vigilant followers who alerted us to this change!

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  • laurie

    This is awesome news. *hopes for a movie sequel*

  • Something that is true unfortunately is that unless SM publishes a sequel book by the end of the year we won’t get a sequel movie =( So I guess now that we exceeded the budget we gotta start pressing on SM how important it is for her to write it…

    • GoToHellMeyer

      You can’t demand Schmuckmeyer to keep writing, or else she’ll QQ and whine and throw a hissy fit that her fans demand too much and make her depressed, and blame her lack of publishing on the fans derp.

    • Anna

      Stephanie Meyer said in several interviews that she’s already got some stuff down for her next two books of the trilogoy: the seeker and the soul (or the otherway round :D). But she’s been the last 5 years on the sets for her movies (first all of the twilight ones and now the host), which didn’t give her much space and time to write. She also added, that she usually needs 2 weeks to get into the story again and then she can continue writing. (Sort of a warm up phase). As for that the last couple of years, she just didn’t have the time for it. So with the host now being in cinemas, I’m pretty confindent that she’ll start writing again. Proove me wrong, but I’m sure that we’ll have another host sequel out by the end of 2014, because in 2009 she claimed that she was nearly finished and had all the “backbones” of the new story line down already.

      Furthermore she looses the rights or something, if she doesnt finish this triology within 10 years. So she got 5 more years to get going or the producers and directors of the first host movie are allowed to continue writing the story themselves. And I wonder where that would lead us to… =)

  • devamma

    Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the general rule of thumb is that a movie has to exceed its budget by double to really make back its production cost. Also, that’s just domestic – the studio doesn’t make as much money off of its international figures as it does through domestic, and making 40 million worldwide doesn’t count for the same thing as making 40 mill domestic. Unless the Host gets to $80 million+ worldwide, don’t expect to see a sequel for this movie.

    • Yes, it will have to do quite a bit beyond that to justify a sequel, but it’s nice to see it at least meet that target. Plenty of movies don’t even get that far.

  • I’m really happy that it’s done that.

  • Congrats to The Host crew for hitting your budget. However, be wary Host fans, this does not mean there will be a sequel…Although there are quite a few directors, producers, etc who do what they do because they have a passion for it, arguably anybody and everybody associated with the film industry wants to make the strenuous process of making a movie worth it by having their movie make a worthy profit. What would be the point of making a film if you can’t achieve a significant profit?

    Think of it this way – My brother in law is a master at purchasing items online and then reselling them for a higher price. It’s a hobby of his. He does it because it’s an easy way to earn a few extra bucks. Now if he wasn’t gaining any profit from his endeavors, what on earth is the point? Think about it. Let’s say he purchases a car from someone online for $4,000 and then he turns around and resells it to someone else for $4,000…It’s pointless. The trick is to sell the item for more than you purchased it. That way you earn all your money back and have some left over to keep for yourself.

    The Host movie has just barely exceeded it’s budget. If the production company funding the film doesn’t feel the movie earned enough of a profit than we can say sayonara to a sequel…They won’t feel it’s worth it to them to fund a second.

    • Out of all the comments yours SHOULD have the most “positive” votes.

  • Mario

    Why is everyone saying that since the film has not made enough money back that there might not be a sequel…The resident evil movies spend a lot more money to make and they never get back the amount that was invested in them and yet they still keep making those movies and they are planning a sixth movie already, so why should the host be any different

    • Elina

      resident evil is different since it’s movies that the director makes for his wife. Though I have no idea where they get the money from. The incomes of the first movie? All the rest are just awful!

      • Actually if you check Box Office Mojo, each movie has been making over twice its budget back for Resident Evil and each new film has made more money than the prior one. Then again, I think it is the loyal fans of the movies/games, plus all the new viewers that have earned RE so many sequels… Wish all the Twihards would have done that for TH

        • Elina

          Anyone knows how to get the word out there?

  • I’m happy to hear this. While I doubt that the film will make more than about 80 million total (since it lacks a name like Justin Timberlake, the leading man of Niccol’s last film, who apparently drew over 100 million internationally), I really wish people hadn’t lambasted this film as a flop so quickly – I think it has a slow-burner potential to make a fair amount of money. Though it needs to make at least 20 million more to pay for the (rather sad) marketing campaign, not just its filming budget.

    • It needs to at least double to play it safe. We don’t know how business was done before it hit the theaters — when it comes to profit, more is ALWAYS better. Breaking even just doesn’t cut it.

  • Rosaline

    GOOD NEWS!! Thank God… I told all my friends to watch it in Indonesia. I even watch it two times! Though probably don’t do much….

    • hopefully seeing it for the 5th time by the end of this week

  • Felicity

    Perhaps it would be better if only the book series continues. The first film hasn’t presented the concepts found in the book very well. Future films may do more harm to the book’s reputation. I don’t mean to offend the movie fans, I’m just putting another opinion out there.

  • The Host would make a great miniseries. Stephenie’s style of storytelling is much better suited to a longer film format. In regard to The Host’s domestic opening weekend, I think two things may have helped fill more theatre seats: 1.) A different movie poster. I like the image that resembles the book cover of Saoirse with the glowing iris; and, 2.) A 10-minute setup of Wanderer in one of her other host forms. This would’ve been a better depiction of what the Soul’s are and what their modus operandi is for inhabiting worlds. I am eager to read new work from Stephenie, so I hope this less bleak box office update spurs her on to finish writing The Host sequel.

  • Lizzie

    I think when all the final figures are in worldwide, The Host will have made at least a small profit for Open Road. I think because Open Road owns the rights to any sequels that are made, there is a decent chance that a sequel will be made. Open Road is an indie company. Companies that make indie films are used to losing money, making no profit or a little profit on them. The indie companies make a lot of films that the bigi studios wont even touch, either because of content, lack of public interest or lack of profitability.

    I looked up the box office for a few recent independent films and I was shocked at how much money was lost on these films.

    Welcome to the Rileys (Kristen Stewart) – made for $10 million, grossed $317,382.

    The Runaways (Kristen Stewart) – made for $10 million, grossed $4,681,651.

    Bel Ami (Robert Pattinson) – made for $9 million euros, grossed $8,303,261 dollars.

    On The Road (Kristen Stewart) – made for $25 million, so far has grossed $8,194,272.

    Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me was actually a minor hit. It was made on a budget of $16 million and grossed $56,032,889.

    I am hopeful for a sequel for The Host because Open Road isn’t Summit or Lionsgate. It doesn’t expect to make $200-$300 million profit on their films. Any profit at all is good for them. And slowly but steadily, The Host is moving out of the red and into the black. I just think everyone needs to wait for those final figures and for an official announcement from SM or Open Road as to whether a sequel is forthcoming. I think the book sequel to The Host will be published by next summer and, if we’re lucky, we’ll get our movie sequel in 2015. And really, two years between sequels is normal for everything but the Twilight Saga.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    • sarahdrew

      I agree. I think you made a good point. Open Road is an indie company. I’m hopeful!

    • Great analysis!

    • Thanks for the information-keeping my fingers crossed too! 🙂

    • devamma

      The problem is that with most of those movies, those companies managed to make their money back by underwriting the cost or selling the foreign rights – generally how indie companies make profit. However, even though The Host was an independent by comparison, Open Road is on a much higher level that some of those production companies that made the aforementioned films. And while Open Road is new and is probably ok with losing a bit of money here and there, they’ll probably not want to make a sequel unless they can guarantee their money back. Again, I’m hopeful that I’m wrong – The host is doing decently at intl. box office, and hopefully it’ll have a steady run. I guess this is all a moot point of Stephenie doesn’t write and release the second film, and I’m kind of getting a bad feeling that she won’t after this film did so badly.

      • Elina

        you think SM won’t want to write a squeal anymore?

      • A response that isn’t all pie in the sky. Thank you.

    • The thing with what you said is that it doesn’t account FOR profit.

      >>Companies that make indie films are used to losing money, making no profit or a little profit on them. …… Any profit at all is good for them.

      That doesn’t make sense because regardless if a company is an indie producing studio it’s still a business. Money doesn’t grow on trees and whatever money they spent on marketing still hasn’t come back. The people who paid that $40MILL to make the film probably haven’t gained anything yet.

  • Rose M

    Well at least the Host got back its budget which is a great thing. Yay. I’m still hopeful. I know some are doubtful, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a movie sequel. Even if I end up disappointed, its good to have something good to hope for.

  • Jane

    Russian hosters are really glad to hear it! Nice to know that we have contributed to the support of the film! Personally, I went to this movie three times 🙂

    I want to mention one thing: In a recent interview, when journalists ask Stephanie about the sequel of The Host, she smiled. This is a good sign. We will hope that at the end of the year we’ll be able to read the new book!

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  • Katy

    We also have to account for marketing costs and taxes and other production’s costs so we aren’t out of the blue yet but this is better news

  • Elina

    maybe another company will buy the rights to a squeal? I mean that happens right? maybe another company will manage to promote it decently?

    • Rose M

      Oh good point.


    It gives me joy so that they would this going well. I was sad all week for that.

    In my country (Argentina) the movie was not released yet, the premiere is scheduled for May 2, so I think there will be more to add!

    Here there are many fans waiting for the movie!

  • Depending on how they did presales and home entertainment licensing, it needs to double its production budget for any profit. It still in the woods.