How Did ‘The Host’ Fare in Weekend #2?

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In the U.S. domestic box office for the second weekend The Host has been out, it placed #8 in the top 10, falling two spots from where it opened at #6.  The film brought in an additional $5,198,615 over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  It lost 51% of its audience compared to last weekend, although it still plays in the same number of theatres.

As of tonight, The Host has brought in $19,624,328 in the US and $10,700,000 internationally, bringing its 10 day total to $30,324,328.

It still has about $10 million to go before it breaks even with its reported budget of $40 million.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  • Although I really REALLY wish I could say I enjoyed this movie, I can’t. However, I can recognize a good attempt when I see one. Andrew Niccol’s imagination and attention to detail really gave him brownie points in my book. Even though I had some major issues with the film, there were a lot of positive aspects to it as well. That being said, it actually makes me sad to see how utterly poor The Host is doing in the box office, even though there’s a part of me that’s not surprised. I’m actually surprised at how many people are NOT going to see the film at all. I mean, at least give it a chance. I guess they’re all just waiting for it to come out on Redbox…Poor Stephenie 🙁

  • Wait til it’s released in other countries. It hasn’t been released in France yet, and I’m really looking forward to it even though the critics are awful (Yes I’m french, so please forgive me if my english isn’t perfect). I mean, they compare it to Gattaca, but I think they should really watch it again, because I did and Gattaca, given the actual movie standards nowadays, is slow, cold and I found it diffucult to have an emotional connexion with the characters. So I guess maybe it’s just Andrew Niccol’s style… I really hope The Host will be better understood outside the U.S. and that it will have enough success to hope for a sequel. One more week to wait ! Then I’ll just have to find a movie theater near my home which will relase the movie in english…

  • Mario Ortiz

    I don’t know why they expect to get all the money invested back in order to think about making the sequel…the resident evil movies never make all the money invested in them and they have made 5 resident evil movies….

  • I dunno – I think it was a very enjoyable film – but my tastes generally don’t tend to concur with the general public. I also enjoyed Niccol’s last film, In Time, so clearly I think I’m just an oddity. But I think if you look at something like Beautiful Creatures, which opened to similar results and reviews, but did roughly double its US business overseas, there’s hope that at least this one one be considered a loss. Plus, I like that it had a relatively small budget – I think there should be smaller budgeted sci-fi films out there.

  • Michelle

    Even though they haven’t updated the number in Box Office Mojo, if you go to the International tab you will notice new numbers were added for new countries. Here’s where the real number is at as of 4/7/2013.

    The Host (2013) (As of 4/07/2013)

    Domestic: $19,665,000
    + Foreign: $16,833.345
    = Worldwide: $36,777.085

    So a little shy of 4 million to reach the budget. Get’s us closer to our goal =)

    • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

      Hmm I think I may go to the theater and see this movie this weekend just to help out a little more if that will do it some good. Even thought it wasn’t the best movie, I still enjoyed it.

  • I just checked box office mojo and it appears that The Host has earned back it’s budget and also has made a profit now, when you look at the world wide total. Below is the link just in case I am not reading it right!

  • Elina

    according to box office mojo, the host just hit the 40 million $ mark on the worldwide incomes. Do a squeal! Did anyone hear a comment from any of the actors about the reviews or the opening incomes of the film? That would be interesting to know.