USA Today Article on the Expectations of ‘The Host’ and Stephenie Meyer

Will ‘Twilight’ fans get on board for sci-fi story? And does that even matter?

USA Today Graphic


USA Today wrote up a lengthy article about the expectations of The Host and about Stephenie Meyer.  The great graphic made for the article is above.  Read the full article here.  Below are some excerpts:

“Science fiction is actually more me and my reading experience,” she says. “I never really read any vampire books before I wrote Twilight, that was the weird thing. Aliens are actually right up my alley.”

Twilight was this amazing phenomenon. As a result, anything that Meyer’s name is attached to, there are these automatic big expectations,” says Paul Dergarabedian, box-office analyst for “She has shown what she can do. But I don’t know if The Host has the same momentum.”

Twilight was its own machine. It didn’t need me on the front lines. It was doing fine,” Meyer says. “This (movie) feels like it needs me a little bit more. You want to go out and make it work.”

Meyer says she is not worried about meeting box-office goals. “I don’t have expectations. It’s not my job to worry about that,” she says. As for any movie sequel, there are no official plans, and Meyer calmly says it’s out of her hands.

“It’s all up to how things go down. I don’t have a number,” she says. “There might be a number. But nobody has told me.”

I randomly got emailed and called by Bryan Alexander who wrote the article.  Here is the portion where I am quoted.  Twilight Moms is quoted also.

Sarah Ksiazek of says she is noticing mixed success in the full court press.

“You have this love story and Stephenie Meyer,” she says. “But It’s kind of weird — it’s not the rabid fandom that’s all-consuming like Twilight. I don’t know how it’s going to transfer over. But we’ll see when it opens.”

Source: USA Today

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