Two New Sections on the Official Website of “The Host’

Two new sections on the official website of The Host have opened up.  The one everyone will probably take some time to peruse is the Cast and Crew section.  Clicking on each name in the Cast section gives you a little blurb about each actor and a photo.  The crew section gives you some background on those involved with making The Host.

Cast Crew Section


There is also the less interesting section called Partners, which has MTV, AMC, Regal, BuzzMedia, Goodreads, and Pandora with boxes you click on to take you to their site.

Source: Official Website for The Host

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  • It looks good, but the video page doesn’t have anything on it yet. Or maybe my computer’s just not getting them.

    • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

      Nope, it happen to me too. I know this is a small studio, but I consistently find glitches in their website. It is a cool website but they need to fix it up so it runs smooth over all pages.