Third TV Spot for ‘The Host’

The third TV spot for The Host is up at  It is called ‘The Moment.”  I believe this is the first to use the “trailer guy’s” voice for it.  The effect of using his voice makes the film sound a little more sinister, in my opinion.

The video is not embeddable, so go to Hulu to see the new TV spot. You do not have to sign up with Hulu in order to see the video.


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  • Hulu. Another one of those groups who shut our everyone who is not an American.

    • Luna

      I’m in the UK and that message about it not being available outside the US popped up here as well, but then I waited for a moment and it disappeared and I was able to see the clip anyway. Maybe you should try again and just give it some time.

  • Krazykira

    I agree. The guy voice was just weird. I didn’t care for it. Loved the others so far.

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  • wintusquaw

    I actually liked the guy’s voice a nice change from Melanie saying this is the future etc. But what I’m worried about is by the time the 29th gets here I will have seen all the Best scenes what with the behind the scenes and trailers and what not . 🙂