Third Extended TV Spot/Trailer and Additional Images

I just got out of my fourth screening of the film, and I come home to this beautiful trailer for The Host.  It uses the song “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra.  I have a feeling this was made specifically for fans of the book because it tugs at your heart strings.  Having seen the film multiple times, there are at least three scenes in this trailer that are not in the film . . . which means I hope we see them in the deleted scenes on the DVD.  Enjoy this trailer!

There are also some “new” images from the film, but they have been seen before. These seem to be photoshopped into something you could use for a desktop wallpaper, so enjoy those, too!

thehost3 thehost21 thehost1 thehost4

Source: MTV

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  • Looks good. Tomorrow’s the day for me!

  • I’ll see it later today!

  • Maria

    can you post a Spoiler post about what scenes aren’t in the movie? Will we be disappointed?