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As we come upon The Host finally reaching theatres and all the fans being able to see it, there is a lot going on for The Host Movie News.

I (Sarah) am headed to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Film Festival tomorrow for a few days to cover films for Lost in Reviews.  I am excited to see When Angels Sing which stars Chandler Canterbury.  Looks like I will be interviewing him and the rest of the cast on Monday.

Shortly thereafter, I am headed back to Dallas, Texas to do press for The Host.  Stephenie Meyer, Jake Abel, and Max Irons will be in town doing press interviews and a book signing at Barnes and Noble.  I hope to see some of you there.

THEN Johanna and I are headed to Los Angeles to do press interviews for The Host and attend and cover the red carpet premiere of The Host on March 19.  Hopefully, fans will come out for the premiere in force.  I am still waiting on details about the premiere for the fans who want to come out for it.  As soon as I have those details, I will post it to this site.

It is going to be a busy thirteen days, so I wanted to let you guys know that we may not be as prompt with getting news up on the film.  We will still be posting news and hopefully have some video or written interviews of our own to share with you.

Thanks again for following this site and being supportive of it and the film.  I could not imagine being here now faced with all this exciting craziness when I started the site over three years ago.  I am incredibly grateful, and I know Johanna is as well.

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  • Sia

    Thank you ! And this is my favorite Host site and I hope your site does well after the movie comes out you deserve it ! Safe travels and have fun for us.

  • beluchisss

    hello I wish them well and good to be the premiere … send them a message asking a question to facebook my name is Belen Gonzalez I answered them and I asked another question I hope you can answer je is a favor I wanted to ask, if could you help me I hope you got the message very anxious hope your answer! thank you very much and sorry for bothering ajaj! I hope to see if I say yes or no! I hope it is yes! thank you! or you want me to put the message here?!

    • beluchisss

      I put the message here: thank you very much for answering and I hope your answer again. if you
      say something you delivered by actors who sometimes wears them signed
      and take pictures so I wanted to know if you would give something a
      poster, photos., or sometimes letters. if so I wanted to ask you a favor
      if I write you a letter and passed it by mail or facebook You could
      print it and give it to Max Irons if yours passes by when you’re in the
      premiere or if you give things you could add my letter.
      it is a very
      big favor what I’m asking but I’m a big fan of him and I will not live
      to know him in Argentina and I can not travel to LA
      so I ask you please if you can help me I will be the happiest person in the world!
      I await your response if you say no I’ll understand … will be fine! but I have that hope you tell me yes!
      thank you very much! sorry for the inconvenience … I hope your answer!
      thank you! kisses! this is the message! i hope you answer!

      you have a great time and have fun! have a very cute love this blog! best wishes to them both and I’ll be reading the news on here! I hope your answer!

  • tyty

    I’m not sure of going to the premiere because there’s no point I won’t be able to see the movie but I’m definitely going to the The Grove on 03/15. Hope to see you there!!