The Host Movie News on Red (Blue) Carpet of the LA Premiere of ‘The Host’ – Part 1

Shawn Carter Peterson LA Premiere

This is the first video of our red (blue) carpet interviews with the cast and crew of The Host.  This was taken at the LA premiere on March 19, 2013.  Both Johanna and I took turns interviewing everyone.  Enjoy our lovely introduction to the whole night.

There is a spoiler in this video because we interviewed one of the actors who plays a pivotal role at the end of the book and film.  He is not listed in the IMDB page.  Much like who is playing Pet, if you don’t want to know another spoiler, come back to this video and the below description if you want to be surprised.

In this video, we have interviews with producer Roger Schwartz, Shawn Carter Peterson (Wes), Evan Cleaver (Seeker Pavo), Stephen Rider (Seeker Reed), Jaylen Moore (Seeker #2), Alex Russell (*Spoiler as to who he plays, don’t watch the video*), Sam Hargrave (stunt coordinator), Mustafa Harris (Brandt), and Lee Hardee (Aaron).

For part of Mustafa Harris’ interview, we have recorded Twilight Lexicon‘s question and answer as well.

Producer Roger Schwartz confirms that Chockstone Pictures confirms they are in it for the whole supposed trilogy no matter what.

The second part of our red carpet coverage will be up tomorrow. 

As an aside, we had a great crew for the press junket and the premiere, Jordan Long and Matt Glass.  Both are artists in their own right.  If you like and enjoys these videos from The Host Movie News (amazing quality and audio), please consider donating to their Kickstarter campaign.  They started a documentary website dedicated to making short docs about artists.  They are trying to raise funds for the second season.  Check out their Kickstarter page and consider donating a few bucks.

Video by Matt Glass and Jordan Long, Photo by Matt Glass

Source: The Host Movie News

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