The Host Movie News at the Dallas Book Signing Event


I made my way out to the Barnes and Noble in Dallas, Texas for the Book Signing Event with Stephenie Meyer, Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Chandler Canterbury in support of the release of The Host on March 29, 2013.

This is a large Barnes and Noble with two floors.  The signing was held on the upper floor.  The store actually allowed everyone inside the store.  There were no lines outside, at least not by the time I got there.  The lines were woven around the stacks upstairs and people were brought up from the first floor as people moved through the line.

Of course, Stephenie was the main attraction, so her signing area was pretty prominent with lots of The Host posters around.  You then moved over to where the boys were signing posters or books for the fans.  Photos were allowed, even posed ones, and the PR reps did a great job with taking pictures and getting everyone through the line quickly.  Unfortunately, my photo with Stephenie came out blurry, but excited nonetheless to meet her and name drop this website of ours.

I attended as press, so I was able to take several photos of the event which I posted in the gallery below. There are 33 photos total, so give the gallery a couple of minutes to load. The boys and Stephenie are great.  I hope everyone gets a chance to meet them in this whole The Host tour (or maybe we will see you at the premiere).

I am also including a photo from my interview with Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Chandler Canterbury.  I don’t think I will be able to post the interview until closer to the film’s release date.  It was a short, but a great interview with them.  I will share more details about it when we get the okay to post it.


Jake joking around about smelling the permanent markers.

Source: The Host Movie News

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    ahhhhhhhh that fantastic!
    lucky us!
    I love the note congratulations!
    and now I’m going to see the pictures!
    as I wanted to be there and meet Max je!
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  • Great to see. Thanks for sharing.