‘The Host’ Behind the Scenes Footage (B Roll)

BTS Clip Screen Grab

Here is the official behind the scenes footage for The Host.  This is also called the “B Roll.”

*Do not watch this video if you have not seen the film yet.  It is spoiler heavy.*

The video is close to thirty minutes long, and it shows a great deal from the filming process including stunts (Thank you, Sam Hargrave!), the chickens, how scenes were shot, rehearsing for scenes, and it even shows scenes that did not make it into the film.  Of course, there is also some joking around in the video also.  Love the last bit in this video with Saoirse and Jake climbing in the back of the car and trying to get William Hurt to do it as well.  Looks like Lacey was supposed to appear in at least a couple more scenes.  With the scenes that are in this video and those that are in the trailers and featurettes that are not in the film, I am hoping for lots of deleted scenes on the DVD.

The one thing I did find a little odd was that they were calling out Melanie’s lines at the car crash scene while Saoirse portrayed Wanda.  I thought they always had something in her ear for that, but maybe it was not working that day.

Source: Open Road Films

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