The Cast and Stephenie Meyer Introduce ‘The Host’ Screening in LA

At a press/fan screening in LA on Friday, March 15th, Stephenie Meyer, Diane Kruger, Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Saoirse Ronan introduced The Host for the audience.  This was after the book signing event at The Grove and interviews with E!.  Saoirse Ronan was supposed to be participating in those events, but apparently her flight was delayed.  So this small introduction was her first appearance at a promotion for the film.

We all know by now that there has been some serious pranking going on during this whole book signing/press tour that Stephenie, Max, and Jake have been on, and you can see a continuation of it in this video.

I apologize for the clarity.  This was taken with my Flip camera from pretty far back.

Source: The Host Movie News

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  • Grace

    Why can’t they have any screenings in england?

  • JMT2cu

    Why can’t they have a screening somewhere in the Northwest?!?…

  • Luna

    Haha, I love how Stephanie got everyone to throw stuff (what was that?) at Jake. Wonder how long this prank war has been going on. Just at the signings?