Stephenie Meyer Interview with The Rush

The Rush on Shaw TV is a Canadian show, and this was obviously an interview recorded on Stephenie’s stop in Vancouver.

In the interview, Stephenie discusses when she first thought she made it, romance in her novels, the story of The Host (again, it is her favorite and the one her male relatives like the best), the chemistry between Saoirse and Max and Jake, casting The Host, writing the sequel, and the sci fi genre.

Source: The Rush on Youtube via Twilight Lexicon

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  • I know a lot of Twilight fans didn’t really get into The Host. One of my friends, who is a mad Twihard, didn’t even finish The Host, but guess what? She’s just got tickets to a preview screening of the movie, so she’s going to see it before me. I’m a little jealous of that. 🙁

  • Luna

    Yeah, I tried to get my best friend (who’s a big fan of Twilight) to read the Host too, but she didn’t get past those few chapters before Wanda gets to the caves. I’m trying to convince her to see the movie, but so far I’ve had no luck… It’s so frustrating when I know the Host is so much better than Twilight! Ahh!

  • I was a huge twilight book series fan, I finished all 4 books with 3 months and this was before new moon came to theaters. I read the host directly after reading the twilight saga, and fell completely in love! I am a sci-fi girl at heart, and this book was absolutely amazing. I can not wait for stephenie’s next 2 books in this trilogy!