Seventh TV Spot for ‘The Host’

This is the seventh TV spot for The Host that runs about thirty seconds.  This one features a new song and is the first to showcase critics’ reviews of the film.  If you know the song, please let us know.  I am assuming it is off the second soundtrack for the film.  There is also a shirt-taking-off scene in it that is not in the film.  It looks a bit out of place, visually, like it was just plopped into an already existing scene.

Thank you to Marissa who found the song: “The song is called “Eyes” by Kaskade featuring Mindy Gledhill!”

Source: Teen Vogue

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  • Marissa Ramsey

    The song is called “Eyes” by Kaskade featuring Mindy Gledhill!

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    OMG! Who is taking their shirt off and why?

    Actually don’t tell me I don’t want spoilers.